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Season 22023

Honda returned as a named engine supplier to Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri, with both teams' engines badged as Honda RBPT.[26] While Red Bull Powertrains had planned to take over assembly and maintenance of the engines from this season onwards,[27] it was later agreed that Honda would continue its technical support of Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri until the end of 2025.[28]

Season 22023

Daniel Ricciardo left McLaren after two seasons. Although he had a contract to drive for the team in 2023, it was terminated during the 2022 championship by mutual agreement.[36] Ricciardo's seat was filled by Piastri, who made his Formula One debut.[37] Nicholas Latifi left Williams after spending three seasons with the team.[38] His seat was filled by Logan Sargeant, who made his Formula One debut by graduating from Formula 2 and became the first American Formula One driver to compete since Alexander Rossi in 2015 with former team Marussia and the first to compete full-time since Scott Speed in 2006 with former team Toro Rosso.[39] Mick Schumacher left Haas after two seasons.[40] His seat was taken by Nico Hülkenberg, who last competed in Formula One as a full-time race driver in 2019 with former team Renault.[41]

Pirelli announced a change to the available tyre compounds for 2023, as a new compound was inserted between the old C1 and C2 compounds. This change provides teams with more flexible strategy options after criticism towards the original C1 compound for a large drop in grip compared to the other tyres.[62] Additionally, following criticism over the raceability of its full wet tyre in previous seasons, Pirelli has produced a new full wet tyre in the hope of reducing the need for safety car and red flags in wet race conditions. This new full wet tyre is scheduled to be in service from the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix onwards. The sport will also aim to trial wet weather-specific bodywork designed to improve visibility and reduce spray during 2023 with the aim of fully introducing it by the start of the 2024 championship at latest.[63]

There were only three days of pre-season testing, a reduction from 2022 when there were six days.[54] During the F1 Commission held in February 2023 it was decided to relax the restrictions on team radio communications.[64]

The sprint format is due to be run at six Grands Prix from this season onwards, compared to three in 2021 and 2022.[65] During Sprint weekends, teams will be given greater scope with which parts they are permitted to change under parc fermé conditions.[66]

Red Bull Racing locked out the front row for the season opening Bahrain Grand Prix, with the two Ferrari's on the second row. The much-improved Aston Martin of Fernando Alonso started in fifth.[77] Max Verstappen led nearly all the race comfortably, winning by eleven seconds ahead of his teammate Sergio Pérez. Charles Leclerc retired with a mechanical failure from third, with Alonso taking this spot, after a late race overtake on Carlos Sainz. Lewis Hamilton finished fifth. Lance Stroll, still racing with a broken wrist and toe, finished sixth, ahead of the Mercedes of George Russell.[78]

The LEC 2023 Winter Season is the first split of the first year of the newly merged EMEA's rebranded professional League of Legends league. It is the fifth year of the LEC and the first season following the changed format. In Stage 1, ten teams compete in a single round robin group stage, with the top eight advancing to Stage 2, a double elimination group stage. From here, the top four advance to Stage 3, the double elimination playoffs.

The format for the 2023 season remains largely the same as the previous season. However, each division of each regional league now last three weeks instead of six weeks (excluding tiebreakers), and both divisions will be scheduled separately, one after the other, in their respective regions (first division followed by second division).

As in previous season, roster locks are implemented from the start of each Regional League until the end. Rosters will unlock at the conclusion of the Regional League portion of each Tour. The initial roster lock for the 2023 season happens at 11:59am PT on December 9th, 2022. For subsequent Tours, player removals will lock at 11:59am PT on Tuesday after the Major, though players will still be allowed to be added to incomplete teams until 11:59am PT on Sunday after the Major.

A substitute may be used for 4 out of the 7 matches in the Regional League. A team that plays 5 or more Regional League matches with a substitute will be disqualified and any remaining games will be forfeited. If a team does not play a Regional League match, that match is forfeited. A team that forfeits 2 or more matches in a season will be automatically removed from the rest of the competition and all their opponents from previous and subsequent games will get a default win. Any team that competes in a Major tournament with a substitute will incur a 40% penalty per substitute (up to 2 substitutes) on DPC Points earned from that tournament. If more than 2 substitutes are required for a team, that team will be considered forfeited.

As in previous season, teams from the same organization can play in the same Regional League but only one team from an organization can qualify for The International. If two teams from the same organization qualify for The International, that organization must either remove all of their ties to one of the teams, or only the top team will be eligible.

At the end of the third tour, the top twelve teams by DPC points are directly qualified for The International 2023. Six remaining spots will be decided through regional qualifiers. All teams that participated in the third tour of the regional leagues are eligible to compete in the regional qualifiers provided that they do not replace more than two players from their third tour's roster. As in previous season, there will not be any Open Qualifier for The International. However, all Regional Leagues will have an Open Qualifier tournament for their Division II spots meaning that the third tour's open qualifiers will essentially act as TI Open Qualifiers.

Here's the testimonial of PANEMAR, a network of bakeries and pastry shops based in Romania. The fleet manager had the opportunity to test MICHELIN AGILIS CROSSCLIMATE all-season tyres on his vans. Given the many advantages observed, he decided to equip all his light commercial vehicles with this range which offers:

Founded in 1992, the Premier League is the top division of English football. It contains 20 teams. The season runs from August to May, and teams play each other both home and away to fulfil a total of 38 games. The Premier League has promotion and relegation linked to the English Championship, the second tier. Three teams are relegated from the Premier League, and three teams are promoted from the Championship, each season. Forty-nine different clubs have competed since its inception, with Manchester United winning the most titles. The competition's all-time leading goalscorer is Alan Shearer (260 goals).

Choosing the "best" duck season dates has long been a contentious topic amongst duck hunters. Depending on which species you're interested in pursuing or the types of habitat you hunt (e.g., shallow marshes, deep water, fields, etc.), the "best" dates for each zone can vary from person to person. DEC and the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Cornell University developed a new process that includes input from a greater number of duck hunters to determine the optimal duck season dates in each zone.

In addition to the hunter survey, DEC worked with the New York Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to develop zone-specific migration information and relative abundance estimates for each week for 12 species of ducks that frequently occur in the hunter's bag. During the summer of 2018, DEC worked with the waterfowl task forces in each zone to develop 5-10 unique season date "alternatives" (i.e. different season dates that would accomplish each of the above objectives described above). DEC and Cornell University will use the results of the survey in conjunction with the migration and abundance data to determine which of the alternatives developed by the hunter task forces best matches the values of duck hunters in their zone.

The season date structure for the next 5 duck seasons (2019-2020 through 2023-2024) in each zone, barring any changes to the number of days allowed by the federal framework (i.e. if the season length is shortened). For detailed information on how these season date structures were identified, please click on the handouts below for your specific zone.

Tentative season dates for all migratory game birds will be posed on the Waterfowl Hunting Seasons webpage in early April and finalized in federal regulation by mid-summer. Please check the DEC website prior to going afield for final season dates.

During fall 2017, DEC and Cornell University sent out a survey to 6,000 randomly-selected New York duck hunters to better understand factors that influence hunter preferences for the timing of waterfowl hunting seasons. Duck hunters seized the opportunity to provide their feedback on what they value with nearly 50% completing the survey (2,791 duck hunters). Hunters in all zones consistently ranked seeing and shooting mallards and black ducks as the most important factor influencing their satisfaction with duck season dates in their zone, followed closely by seeing and shooting any duck (regardless of species). Click on the figure to the right for detailed information on hunter preferences in each zone. 041b061a72


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