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Daz Genesis Genital Morphs

I created my own morphs for V5/M5 genitals via DS/Hexagon bridge. When I try to use my morphs everything works fine, but part of the Genesis base figure hides part of the results from my morphs in an unexpected way. If I press the button to hide the Genesis base figure, the genitals look exactly the way I morphed them, but when I show it back - the genitals change. I'd like to add, that when I created the morphs, no vertex sinks into the Genesis base figure, so that is not the problem. It's more like parts of Genesis override part of my morph. Any idea how to fix that?

Daz Genesis Genital Morphs

With geografts, the facets of the grafting loop (the outer ring of the geograft) must match exactly with the original mesh. I assume this also applies to morphs of the geograft. Make sure your morph does not affect the vertices of this grafting loop, both inner and outer vertices.

BlackFeather1973I guess you have a point and I think that I may have affected parts of the loop, when I created the female morphs. So probably that would be the problem, but I don't have the time to check everything in details now. But I am sure about one thing - when I made the male morphs no outer facets were changed and still Genesis hides some of the morph effects.

One thing I noticed is that the genital morphs appear in the "Parameters" tab instead of the "Shaping" tab. The genitals morphs do not appear in the list of exportable morphs when I select my Daz character, be it male or female.

I already have the body morphs working fine in Unity so I can control the weight and shape of my characters. So is there anyway to get those morphs to get exported with the rest so I can use them in Unity ?

I haven't tried exporting those but I'll make an educated guess for you. You have to treat them as seperate 'characters' I think. So then if you do that you then have to build filters to tell DAZ what morphs you want exported from the gens. And it works. You don't even need the main character imported. You'll then have to 'fit'/'parent' the gens to the character in Unity.

Sorry to nerco this post but I tried following the other post on Reddit and I couldn't get the stuff to work right. In Daz, after I merge the figure with the anatomy (using the Merge Fitted Figure(s) Geometry), the anatomy goes right back to the original shape. None of the morphs change the anatomy in Daz once merged. What are the steps to merge both the figure and anatomy AND have morphs still work? I'm having trouble understanding what @Daedolon and @nonesuch00 were talking about. Also, if it helps, I'm using Gensis 8 figures. Thanks in advance.

I think that 'Merge Fitted Figures' may have been broken by a recent update. I am having problems when trying to merge the Anatomical Elements figure as well. The position of the grafted object shifts during the merge process, leading to some pretty unsightly artifacts. Also, the morphs simply don't transfer anymore. I have used this workflow in the past to export a figure with geografted gens and morphs, so I know that it used to work. I opened a tech support ticket for this and that may be getting some traction now. It would help if others could confirm whether or not this is still working for them, because maybe there's some pathology, combination of plug-ins/feature use that breaks this.

I have the exact same issue, morph just don't work after the merge, also not all of the morphs even visible, like 40% are present but have no effects.PS: Actually I found 2 morphs out of 30 that works, but still I need my 60 workable morphs.

I am trying to export the anatomical element morphs as an fbx and then import it to UE4. I am using DAZ 4.12 and UE4 4.24. When applying the "Merge fitted Figures" function, the morph targets appear in the export mode and I guzess, I can export them. However, I cannot use the exported fbx-file as the bone structure seems to be screwed up (in UE4 I get the error message that there are multiple "hip" bones) and so, I cannot import the file at all. Without the "Merge fitted Figures" funtion I can export the model with the anatomical elements and import it to UE4 but then without the morph targets.

Hi I followed these steps everything is working well but genital duplicates itself and attaches on the body did you solve this issue edit: I just deleted sperated one seems fine but I'm not sure this is perfect solution

Merging geograft worked fine back then, I still had the Unity project with the morphs working. However, now using Daz 4.15, the merge fucks up the genitalia morphs and they just stop working after merging. Impressive to see this bug is still there after more than 2 years...

To anyone still running into the problem of being unable to export elements such as genitalia or similar accessories, I think I've found how to do it. Though its not completely what we may want.For some reason.. If you dont choose "Geometry Editor" under tools before exporting the model, the accessory wont show up in the export window and therefore you wont be able to export the morphs connected to it.This of course creates the problem that, if you're trying to export your model WITH genitalia you will end up with a layer under the genitalia. This can of course be fixed by hiding the area, but the genitalia simply wont adjust to the body properly if you have Geomtry Editor selected during exportation.Its not a perfect solution, but it works. It has allowed me to export a model with morphs for both the body and the genitalia.


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