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Where To Buy Metal Stamping Supplies

Metal Stamping is a creative way to permanently indent words and designs on to metal, wood and leather using our high quality Metal Stamps. At Little Freckle we offer a wide range of Metal Stamping tools and supplies so that you can create your own unique, custom and personalised jewellery pieces. Your only limit is your imagination.

where to buy metal stamping supplies

Every aspiring jeweller needs a metal stamping kit in their set of supplies. The kits contain everything you need to personalise your jewellery with letter stamps or create a beautiful, unique pattern with design stamps. These include stamping tools and metal stamping blanks in a range of fun shapes and sizes. Think stainless steel gift tags, candy canes or bottle openers.

Stamping is one of several custom manufacturing methods that allows a manufacturer to shape or cut a sheet of metal into a part or full product. We dive into more details on how stamping works in another article, but the basic technique involves either one or both processes of compressing a metal sheet into a mold to form the desired shape, or cutting a metal sheet into the desired shape through shear forces.

Xometry, Inc. is a leading provider of metal stamping services. The company manufactures custom metal stampings in various materials, including copper, brass, stainless steel, and steel alloys. It offers production volumes up to over one million parts and maintains tight tolerances, all with competitive lead times.

Mardek, in North Hero, VT, supplies precision metal stampings, including continuous strip, progressive die, compound die, deep draw, and blanking services. They handle aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel, nickel alloys, and other ferrous and nonferrous metals.

In Lake Zurich, IL, HPL Stampings provides precision short run metal stampings up to inch thick in addition to its other services. The company can handle over 40 types of metals as well as cold punchable plastics for blanking, drawing, piercing, forming, stenciling, and extruding.

Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI), in North Branford, CT, offers high volume custom metal stamping, as well as assembly services. Their stampings include progressive and fourslide techniques for .005 inch to 1/8th inch thick metals.

Manor Tool & Manufacturing supplies standard, deep drawn, and progressive metal stampings for over 20 types of metals. The company, which also offers design, engineering, fabrication, tooling, and secondary machining services, is based in Schiller Park, IL.

Hudson Technologies, in Ormond Beach, FL, specializes in deep draw and shallow draw stampings, as well as progressive die, rubber to metal, and transfer tool stampings. They offer production from prototypes to high volume.

Headquartered in West Bend, WI, Matenaer Corporation supplies .002 inch to .687 inch stampings, as well as offering progressive and compound stampings. They also offer fabrication, CNC machining, steel slitting, and metal finishing services.

In Gurnee, IL, American Industrial offers precision metal stamping and laser cutting services for steels, aluminum, brass, copper, and other metals. Their stampings include progressive die, coining, blanking, piercing, laser cutting, bending, and forming.

In Des Plaines, IL, IMS Companies supplies precision progressive die metal stamping. Their other services include fabrication, tool design and manufacturing, prototyping, special machining for gears and high volume machined parts, and complex wire harness and cable assembly design and assembly.

General Stamping & Metalworks, in South Bend, IN, offers progressive and line stamping, as well as in-die tapping for high strength steels and aluminum. They can stamp metals from .04 inches to .5 inches thick, at a sheet width of 36 inches or less.

Tenere is headquartered in Dresser, WI. The company supplies stamping, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, assembly, integration, and testing services for network architecture, green technology, fiber optics, and cloud infrastructure applications.

Standard Iron and Wireworks, based in Monticello, MN, offers both contract manufacturing and architectural metal products. Their stamping services include blanking, deep drawing, and forming, but they also offer bending, welding, machining, assembly, and finishing services.

Lou-Rich is an employee-owned contract manufacturer. The company, which offers stamping, welding, metal forming, laser cutting, machining, assembly, and finishing services, is based in Albert Lea, MN.

For years, Bopper Metal Supply has been one of the leading suppliers of metal blanks. Our blanks are used for embossing, enameling, engraving, etching, hand stamping and hammering. We have more than 55,000 5 Star Reviews on Etsy over 188,500 sales.

Our metal stamping production is from a wide range of materials, including cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, draw quality steel, brass, aluminum, copper, corrosion resistance, and high-strength materials from metal sheets and coils. We manufacture high-quality parts and components for a multitude of industries.

The prices of metal stamping materials are forecast to rise throughout the new year continuously. There are many forces behind these increases, with no one area responsible for the higher costs. This article will examine the various factors driving these changes, the materials most likely to be affected, and dynamics altering availabilities and lead times.

Red metals such as copper are in high demand, particularly for use in electric vehicles. The availability and price significantly affect Busbar projects that require large amounts of this metal stamping material.

Where does this leave metal stamping buyers in terms of the future of their operations and projects? The following section outlines steps people involved with metal stamping materials can take to ensure things continue to run smoothly.

What are some potential options for individuals and organizations involved with metal stamping materials? There may not be a way to directly counter or offset inflated prices, but there are steps that can be taken to change the way business is approached.

Normally, anyone involved with the metal stamping industry is used to providing customers with 6-week turnaround times. This is nowhere near possible with the current backlogs and lead times. However, making changes to your scheduling and the way you prepare for and approach jobs can provide relief.

Providing authorization for companies like Kenmode that manufacture metal stamping projects to purchase larger quantities for upcoming projects could be significant. By using the previous advice of planning ahead and making subsequent large volume purchases to accommodate these planned jobs, it may soften the blow dealt by delays. 041b061a72


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