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Ramayana - The Epic: A Stunning Animation of the Ancient Indian Epic in Hindi HD 1080p

Ramayana - The Epic Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd 1080p

Are you looking for a way to watch Ramayana - The Epic, an amazing animated movie based on the ancient Indian epic Ramayana? Do you want to enjoy this movie in Hindi HD 1080p quality? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ramayana - The Epic, why you should watch it, how to download it legally, how to avoid illegal downloads, and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

Ramayana - The Epic Full Movie Download In Hindi Hd 1080p

What is Ramayana - The Epic?

Ramayana - The Epic is a 2010 Indian animated movie directed by Chetan Desai and produced by Ketan Mehta. It is based on Ramayana), one of the most revered and influential stories in Indian culture and literature. It tells the story of Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, who is exiled to the forest with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshmana. There, Sita is abducted by the demon king Ravana, who wants to marry her. Rama, with the help of the monkey army led by Hanuman, rescues Sita and defeats Ravana in a epic war. The movie depicts the major events and characters of the original epic with stunning animation, music, and voice-overs. It also explores the themes of duty, loyalty, love, courage, and faith that are relevant for all times and ages.

Why should you watch Ramayana - The Epic?

There are many reasons why Ramayana - The Epic is a great movie to watch for anyone who loves animation, adventure, and mythology. Here are some of them:

  • It is a faithful adaptation of one of the most important and influential epics in the world. You can learn a lot about the rich and diverse culture, history, and values of India by watching this movie.

  • It is a visually stunning movie that showcases the beauty and diversity of India's landscapes, architecture, and costumes. The animation is done with high-quality 3D graphics that bring the characters and scenes to life.

  • It is a thrilling movie that keeps you hooked with its action-packed sequences, dramatic twists, and emotional moments. You will feel the excitement, suspense, and joy of Rama's journey as he faces various challenges and enemies along the way.

  • It is an inspiring movie that teaches you valuable lessons about life, such as how to overcome obstacles, how to be loyal to your loved ones, how to be brave in the face of danger, and how to trust in a higher power.

  • It is an entertaining movie that appeals to both children and adults. It has a lot of humor, romance, music, and magic that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout.

How to download Ramayana - The Epic in Hindi HD 1080p?

If you are convinced that Ramayana - The Epic is a movie worth watching, you might be wondering how to download it in Hindi HD 1080p quality. Well, there are two legal ways to do so: from Zee5 or from YouTube. Let us explain how.


Zee5 is an online streaming platform that offers a variety of movies, shows, and originals in different languages. It also has Ramayana - The Epic available in Hindi HD 1080p quality. Here are the steps to download it from Zee5:

  • Go to or download the Zee5 app on your device.

  • Create an account or log in with your existing account.

  • Subscribe to Zee5 Premium for Rs. 99 per month or Rs. 999 per year. You can also opt for a free trial for 14 days if you are a new user.

  • Search for Ramayana - The Epic in the search bar or browse through the categories.

  • Select the movie and click on the download icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Choose the quality (HD 1080p) and the language (Hindi) of your preference.

  • Wait for the download to complete and enjoy watching it offline anytime you want.


YouTube is another online platform that allows you to watch and download videos of various kinds. It also has Ramayana - The Epic available in Hindi HD 1080p quality. However, you will need a video downloader software or an online tool to download it from YouTube. Here are the steps to download it from YouTube:

  • Go to or open the YouTube app on your device.

  • Select the video and copy its URL from the address bar or by clicking on the share button.

  • Choose the format (MP4) and the quality (HD 1080p) of your preference.

  • Click on the download button and wait for the download to complete.

  • Enjoy watching the movie offline anytime you want.

How to avoid illegal downloads of Ramayana - The Epic?

While downloading Ramayana - The Epic from Zee5 or YouTube is legal and safe, downloading it from other sources such as torrent sites or file-sharing platforms is illegal and risky. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid illegal downloads of Ramayana - The Epic:

  • You might be violating the intellectual property rights of the creators and producers of the movie. This is unethical and unfair to them, as they have invested a lot of time, money, and effort into making this movie.

  • You might be exposing your device to malware, viruses, or spyware that can harm your system, steal your data, or compromise your privacy. These malicious programs can also affect the performance and quality of the movie.

  • You might be facing legal actions or penalties from the authorities or the rights holders of the movie. Depending on the laws of your country, you might be fined, sued, or even jailed for downloading or distributing pirated content.

Therefore, it is better to download Ramayana - The Epic from legal and official sources only. This way, you can support the makers of the movie, protect your device from harm, and avoid any legal troubles.

How to enjoy Ramayana - The Epic to the fullest?

Now that you have downloaded Ramayana - The Epic in Hindi HD 1080p quality legally, you might be wondering how to enjoy it to the fullest. Well, here are some tips that can help you enhance your viewing experience of this movie:

  • Watch it with your family or friends. This movie is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by everyone. You can share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the movie with your loved ones and have a fun and memorable time together.

  • Learn more about the original epic. If you are curious about the source material of this movie, you can read or listen to Ramayana, the ancient Indian epic that has inspired countless adaptations and interpretations over centuries. You can also watch other versions of Ramayana such as TV shows, movies, or plays that have different perspectives and styles.

  • Explore other adaptations of Ramayana. If you are fascinated by the story and characters of Ramayana, you can explore other adaptations of this epic in different media and genres. For example, you can check out Sita Sings the Blues, an animated musical comedy that retells Sita's story from a feminist point of view. Or you can check out Raavan, a Bollywood thriller that portrays Ravana as a modern-day outlaw.


In conclusion, Ramayana - The Epic is a wonderful animated movie that brings to life one of the most important and influential epics in the world. It is a movie that you should not miss if you love animation, adventure, and mythology. You can download it legally in Hindi HD 1080p quality from Zee5 or YouTube using the steps we have provided in this article. You should also avoid illegal downloads of this movie as they can harm you and the makers of the movie. Finally, you can enjoy this movie to the fullest by watching it with your family or friends, learning more about the original epic, or exploring other adaptations of Ramayana. We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. Now go ahead and watch Ramayana - The Epic legally and enjoyably!


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to Ramayana - The Epic and its download options:

  • Q: Who are the voice actors of Ramayana - The Epic?

  • A: The voice actors of Ramayana - The Epic are Manoj Bajpayee as Rama, Juhi Chawla as Sita, Ashutosh Rana as Ravana, Mukesh Rishi as Hanuman, and Anupam Kher as Dasharatha.

  • Q: How long is Ramayana - The Epic ?

  • A: Ramayana - The Epic is 98 minutes long.

  • Q: Is Ramayana - The Epic available in other languages?

  • A: Yes, Ramayana - The Epic is available in other languages such as English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali.

  • Q: Is Ramayana - The Epic suitable for children?

  • A: Yes, Ramayana - The Epic is suitable for children as it has a U/A certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification. However, some scenes may be violent or scary for younger children, so parental guidance is advised.

  • Q: Where can I watch Ramayana - The Epic online?

  • A: You can watch Ramayana - The Epic online on Zee5 or YouTube. However, you will need a subscription or a free trial for Zee5 and a video downloader software or an online tool for YouTube.



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