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Fated To Be King By Skye Alder !FREE!

Major Kennedy had only brought a small portion of the Arkaigtreasure, and Cluny Macpherson could give no clear account of theremainder; somehow it had disappeared together with the diamondring of Charles II. and other personal jewels belonging to thePrince. Both Cluny and Archibald Cameron, now lurking in Edinburgh,were suspected. Cluny, for years now a hunted fugitive among theheather, protested his innocence to his dying day; Charles had thenobility to believe him, but the loss of this great sum was astinging vexation. Of another misfortune he knew nothing, but itwas one designed to do him more harm than the loss of the ill-fatedArkaig treasure; this was the defection of young Glengarry, who wasnow a Hanoverian spy and a very clever one.

Fated To Be King by Skye Alder



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