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To All The Boys: Always And Forever

The film depicts challenges that high school students face as well whether that be accepting your heritage, young love or deciding what to do in the future. By choosing to go to NYU, Lara Jean shows how you always choose what is best for you and not let anything, even a boy, get in the way of that.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Cloying though it is, Always and Forever does understand how all-consuming first love can be, how bittersweet graduation, how scary choosing one's own path. Mercifully, the film ultimately makes the right decisions for its heroes (though it takes two or three false endings) despite the messy road getting there. It's a shame, though, that what was once a bit of an underdog love story, rendered all in dreamy blues and quiet feelings, has been blown up into a tricked-out globetrotting fantasy of gooey devotion. To that rom-com I loved before: You're still a winner. Always and forever. C+ 041b061a72


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