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Orgy - All The Same

Another study, done by the researchers at the University of Montreal in 2014, said that 28.3 percent of the women and 13.1 percent of the men had had one or more fantasies about having sex with more than one man at the same time. 24.7 percent of the women and 73.3 percent of the men fantasized about having sex with more than one woman at the same time.

Orgy - All The Same

A swinger party usually consists of couples who visit the event together and exchange partners. It does not always involve an orgy or group sex, but more so couples going into different rooms or spaces to be intimate, or having people watch.

"In the grand scheme of things, making music, shouldn't be this political. I never started ORGY to become a politician, nor do I have any intention of acting like an asshole behind close doors, and throwing up fake-ass, pageant waves to the people, to appear to be something I'm not. I'm just trying to go out and have some fun. That's what I enjoy doing, and I can only hope the same goes for everyone else.

Severance creator Dan Erickson explains the strange waffle party orgy scene featured in the penultimate episode of season 1. Premiering earlier this year on Apple TV+, Severance has proven to be a hit with audiences, boasting plenty of mystery (including a room full of baby goats) and a truly unique premise. The show, which just aired its season 1 finale on April 8, follows a group of office employees who have undergone a surgical procedure to separate their work memories from their personal memories, and their quest to discover what exactly their company, Lumon Industries, does.

In a new interview with EW, Erickson explains the odd waffle party orgy scene and how the idea fits into the broader philosophy of Lumon Industries and its treatment of its workers. Erickson explains that the idea was actually first proposed in the writer's room as a joke, but that it ultimately came to work within the highly capitalistic framework within Lumon. All aspects of life are commodified at the company, Erickson says, and it would make sense that sex is treated the same way. Check out his full comment below:

So that was the big question: If we do this, is it just going to seem like a big, goofy choice, or is it going to be something that really works with the lore that we've set up for this company? And ultimately, we decided to go for it, and we juxtapose it with what I think is this really sweet scene between Mark and Helly, where they finally admit their feelings for each other. It's this organic, very human version of a budding romance next to this extremely dark, weird, gross, commodified version of sex. Because [the Waffle Party] is like, yes, you can experience sex or sexual gratification or eroticism, but it's all going to be in the context of the Lumon mythos. And sort of the moral of the orgy is that Lumon provides all things, and you must be grateful. "The moral of the orgy" is also a good episode title.

The "innies," as Severance refers to the in-office versions of the main characters, are essentially treated as sub-human and are given small, sometimes silly rewards for meeting goals and completing tasks. The waffle party is the most coveted of all the rewards that staff can achieve at Lumon, something that finally makes sense with the reveal in the finale that a waffle party also includes an orgy with a group of people in masks. Interestingly, Erickson doesn't address exactly why large, ornate (and creepy) masks are also part of the affair.

While you try to wrap your mind around the implications and requirements of a responsible orgy, let me pose a few more questions. Should I assume that there are pharmacies in Fable 2 from which I can procure condoms? Or at least a gas station bathroom with a condom dispenser that costs $0.75 and you have to put three quarters in at once? What are condoms made of in faux-medieval Europe? Wood?

The games industry might be juvenile and sex-obsessed, but no one can deny that Peter Molyneux gets a spot in whichever heaven you might believe in for giving us a chance to have an orgy. Responsibly.

New Australian research shows that individual females of the grey foam-nest tree frog (Chiromantis xerampelina) which mate with up to 12 partners at the same time, produce more resilient offspring than those individuals that mate with just one partner.

Confirming our gay dolphin theory are a group of researchers based out of Australia who recently encountered a big gay, dolphin orgy off the coast in Shark Bay. "These dolphins, all but three of them juveniles, organized themselves in four sub-groups in which they were observed engaging in socio-sexual behavior that included mounting and genital contact between individuals," Krista Nicholson, of Murdoch University, explained. "The subgroups joined, frequently forming a large group and then split again in different group compositions."

The big gay ocean orgy confirms what scientists have long known: dolphins are pretty gay. Male dolphins in the study spent quality time together after their mating season was over and, in previous research, male dolphins engaged in homosexual behavior to establish social bonds and dominance amongst each other.

Janet Mann, a researcher who's spent decades studying just how gay dolphins get in Australia's Shark Bay, has also proposed that they may just be practicing mating, which is coincidentally the same excuse we heard from a "straight but curious" guy on Grindr last week. Swim on, gay dolphins, and enjoy the sea orgies.

What men call love is a very small, restrained, and feeble thing compared with this ineffable orgy, this holy prostitution of the soul giving itself entire, with all it poetry and charity, to the unexpected as it comes along, to the stranger as he passes.

"Cat Orgy" is the seventh episode of Season Three, and the 38th overall episode of South Park. It originally aired on July 14, 1999.[1] It is set on the night of the same meteor shower as "Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub" and "Jewbilee", utilizing interlocking story elements.

Shelly thanks Cartman for him getting revenge on Skylar. Cartman yells at his cat for hosting a cat orgy inside while his mom is coming back soon. Skyler comes at the door and threatens them both with revenge, so Cartman throws catnip over him, causing the excited cats to swarm over him. Shelly admits she thinks Cartman is okay, and he thinks she is too proving that two people who hate each other can get along. Cartman's mom comes home and discovered the house is a mess. Shelly and Cartman blame each other for it but she is too drunk to notice and fell asleep. Cartman and Shelly then make up and go on to clean the house, with Cartman singing his Wild Wild West song.

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe may have never won a Super Bowl but as a very active user of the internet, he has just won the equivalent of one. On Tuesday the winners of the Webbys, awards recognizing excellence on the internet were released. Kluwe won the Webby for Athlete of the Year in recognition of his online support of same-sex marriage.

The internet is not a new area for Kluwe, who has had an active presence through social media networks such as Twitter. Kluwe has been one of the most vocal athletes in support of same-sex marriage online, setting the standard for athletes getting involved in issues they are passionate about. 041b061a72


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