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[S4E36] House Flip

Darwin confesses to Anais, and then she chases after the garbage truck which had just collected the trash bag with Daisy inside on her tricycle. She starts falling behind as she loses breath. However, Richard suddenly appears with Gumball and Darwin in the station wagon and he rams into the garbage truck, flipping it in the process. They then get out and start searching through the trash for Daisy, which they find.

[S4E36] House Flip

Richard owns the family-run Los Angeles Brewing Company who, despite its name, does not brew its own beer. In fact, despite advertising as having 100 beers on tap, most of the lines are out of service and only a handful of beers are served. Jon Taffer sends in two recon teams to see the contrasting service. Jon is recognized and served immediately, but is frustrated by the lack of beers. Maria becomes sick from contaminated beer, while Jon investigates the kitchen after being disgusted with the frozen chicken wings. Meanwhile, the second recon team waits nearly half an hour to be served, and leaves after biting into raw hamburgers. The post-service interview reveals that Richard is not interested in the bar and is financing it through his own glass business, while his nephew Israel is passionate about taking over. Further investigation reveals that the kitchen and draught system haven't been cleaned for months. The stress test is shut down after several minutes when the taps lose pressure and run out of carbon dioxide.[4] Jon introduces the most expensive overhaul by turning the bar into a brewery with in-house craft beers. Richard hands over the bar to Israel.

When a customer orders the one thing that no one has ordered for years, the monster krabby patty, SpongeBob tries to lift it, but old Spat cracks in two. So he sells every single thing he owns (plus his clothes) for a new spatula, but the spatula refuses to flip a single patty, so SpongeBob tries to get his old spatula back. Will Spat forgive him? Will SpongeBob ever be dressed again?

The Flying Dutchman takes up residence at SpongeBob's house where he proceeds to scare, startle and surprise SpongeBob around the clock. Eventually all the spooky shenanigans grow old, and SpongeBob is no longer afraid of the Dutchman. This creates a panic for the old ghost who now fears that he has lost his scary touch. So SpongeBob decides to lend a hand and help the Flying Dutchman learn to scare people again.

At school the next day, Gumball takes his mother's advice and finally makes his stand and refuses to let Carrie borrow his body. The ghost is shocked to hear this, and after a few pleading attempts to get him to change his mind, Carrie decides to "take" his body. After a moment of binging, Gumball tries to fight back, but he is failing. He begs Darwin to beat Carrie out of him, but the fish points out that he is a "paci-fish." Carrie escapes outside and eats garbage and even drinks some water leaking from a dumpster until Gumball finally regains control of himself and points out to Carrie (seen in a reflection in a puddle) that she has a serious problem, and shows her that she has even eaten part of an old flip-flop. Carrie realizes she has gone too far and leaves Gumball's body. Darwin suddenly appears, banging Gumball on the head. Carrie apologizes to Gumball and looks to an unfortunate food-less eternity, but Gumball has an idea.

Behold! Whilst we get ready for Season 5, enjoy this early 2020 bonus episode straight from Brian's house! Kevin Sussman from The Big Bang Theory comes by and takes our crew on one of their more... chaotic adventures. We hope you can come support us on and help keep this podcast alive!

Hey listeners, we wanted to say thank you for a crazy year of support and offer you this two-part bonus adventure with Felicia Day as a special gift to you! Recorded in late 2019 around Christmas time at Brian's house with plenty of murder and mayhem, we hope it bring some cheer to you. It was originally recorded and released in 2 parts, but Engineer Sam fused them together with audio magic. Stay safe, and happy holidays!

Our heroes have now seen the power of the Theater of Reflection, Tom Doretto now having completely transformed forever into Netty. The big question is: will anyone else dare try? Regardless, they are about to get flipped on their heads if they succeed in riding this magical tendril up to the moon. What arcane horrors will they find THERE?!? 041b061a72


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