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Bacardi Pina Colada Mix Where To Buy

Daily's is another big name on the cocktail mix scene, and it's done a mediocre job with this piña colada mix. A good piña colada should be a healthy balance of both coconut and pineapple, so that's what you expect when you crack open a bottle of mix. And Daily's just doesn't deliver. In fact, it under-delivers, and that sweet, fruity, refreshing flavor that you expect to taste on your first sip is nowhere to be found.

bacardi pina colada mix where to buy

I rarely order pina colada's as a restaurant, but decided to splurge recently. That had me craving them so I looked up recipes and found yours. FANTASTIC! I used a few frozen pineapple chunks in place of the ice. YUM! So delicious! Thanks you! 041b061a72


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