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Jimmy Cliff - Hard Road To Travel !!TOP!!

I've got a hard road to travel and a rough rough way to goSaid it's a hard road to travel and a rough rough way to goBut I can't turn back, my heart is fixedMy mind's made up, I'll never stopMy faith will see, see me through

Jimmy Cliff - Hard Road To Travel

This time he was aroused by the noise of the enginestarted by Pachuca on his escape. At first he hardlyrealized what it was that had wakened him, but as itdawned on his consciousness, he jumped to his feet andrushed to the window in time to see the car tear downthe road. With a muttered exclamation, Scott seizedhis gun and sent a bullet wildly in the direction of theescaping prisoner. Then he drew on his trousers, callingto Hard at the same time.

It was not really a cave, she discovered, but merelya crevice in the cliff, made into a little shelf by therock which protruded above it, while the bush growingthickly in front of it gave it the look of a cave. Itwas, however, a shelter, and Polly crouched in itthankfully, breathing with difficulty and keeping oneeye on the line of men filing along below her. Theywere a hard looking lot, clad in all sorts of clothesfrom uniforms to overalls. They seemed to her inexperienced221eye innumerable; they were, perhaps, seventy-fiveor a hundred.

Hard relapsed into reflection. The road they weretraveling forked at about a mile out of town. Aheadof them, it continued on the flat; to their left it becamenarrower and wound toward the foothills, remaining,however, a road possible for a car or a wagon. 041b061a72


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