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Buy Canal Longboat

This famous quote from The Wind in the Willows conjures images of lazy summer days, willow trees tickling the surface of the fresh water and birds singing. A romantic picture I know, but it's one that resonates with boaters around the globe. There's a magical quality about spending time on the water, be it ocean, river or canal.

buy canal longboat

Because canal boats were all about the carrying of goods, families who lived and worked on the canals became confined to the back end of the vessel. They ate, washed and slept in a space no longer than 10 ft and a width of 6 ft 10-inches. The engine is housed inside the boat with this type of stern.

What size you decide on breaks down to your specific taste and where you'll travel. The boat's size and its accessibility to cruise the canal network aren't determined by canal width, but by the length and breadth of the lock.

Based near the famous racecourse at Aintree, this boat builder has produced narrowboats since 2010. This family-run business has built quite a following of canal boat enthusiasts and has become synonymous with quality and good design.

Step back in time at the Canal Experience and get a taste of life on the Miami and Erie Canal in 1876. Providence Metropark is located in what was once the canal town of Providence, Ohio. Today, the Metropark has one of the greatest concentrations of canal era features in the country, including:

Boats and Outboards has new and second hand narrow boats for sale. They are also commonly called canal boats, river boats, canal barges and long boats. The boats available range from cheap to more luxury narrow boats.They are typically available in wood, aluminium, grp and steel. Additionally, 30-34 foot narrow boats with 2 to 6 berths are the most sought-after. Browse the new and used canal boats being offered by both professional brokers and individuals on Boats and Outboards today.

Boats and Outboards has 62 Narrow boats and canal boats, sold by a wide range of individuals and professional boat dealerships, mostly located in United Kingdom. Choose models from 1895 to 2023, with a total of 7 new vessels new Narrow boats and canal boats and 55 used boats used boats on offer. Boats and Outboards offers a wide selection of aluminium, wooden and steel boats for sale.

Out of 20 manufacturers, other, Aquafibre, Narrowboat, Canal Boat and Viking currently produce some of the best Narrow boats and canal boats available. Choose from a huge range of luxury boats on Boats and Outboards.

A canal boat is often known as a narrow boat. A canal boat is usually 7' wide and up to 70' long, usually fitted with engines, found cruising the inland waterways. Now deemed very popular as an 'all-round' craft, often the narrow beam does limit space. Often known as a wide-beam canal boat or Dutch board for sale.

The hulls and cabin construction of canal/narrowboats are usually generally made of steel, (some cabins are also built out of wood or fibreglass). Most narrowboats built in the last 20 years will be of all-steel construction.

The Dutch Barge Association (DBA) founded in 1992 is the premier European organisation representing barge owners, and those interested in barging. The DBA is an unrivalled source of barge-related information and advice, including regulatory, legislative and insurance. Members pass on and freely exchange the fruits of personal experience cruising canals and rivers.

Our sister website French Waterways features all the printed maps and guides necessary to cruise, plus detailed km by km information for every navigable river and canal in France each of which is available to download as a PDF.

Life afloat is rich and rewarding. Ask any one of the growing narrowboat-owning community. Whether you want to purchase a narrowboat for seasonal use or crave the year-round canal lifestyle, there are plenty of reasons to jump on board.

Whether you're in it full-time or just a seasonal sailor, a narrowboat is attractive for many reasons. Before setting off on your canal adventure, we'll outline the common pros and cons of living on the water. As you'd expect, living on a narrowboat brings a complete shift in lifestyle. While this can be hectic, if not impossible, for those with working lives off the boat, it offers the freedom to cruise and explores. So, what are the pros?

A narrowboat is a good investment that brings a noticeably positive lifestyle influence for those that liveaboard. Even leisure owners should treat their narrowboats more like a second home than as a vehicle. It is, after all, something to enjoy long in the future. Whatever your personal reasons or lifestyle, there is no denying that a narrowboat is a significant monetary investment. Its value largely exists in the ability to roam the UK's stunning canal system. There are over 2,000 miles of waterways across the UK, making narrowboats an investment for living, holiday-making, and more.

But do narrowboats keep their value? This all depends. Most canal boats hold their value exceptionally well over time, but they must be kept to a high standard and updated with the times. Common updates include indoor furnishings and hardwood flooring. When compared to cars, however, the potential to hold and increase value is very significant. Narrowboats hold out far longer and are commonly kept for upwards of 20+ years. While older narrowboats won't return the same as newer vessels, you'll still get a sizeable amount of money back when you sell. So, while there isn't an exact science to the investment potential of narrowboats, they bring years of happy use and a decent return at the end.

Want to buy a canal boat? There are many reasons to go full-time on your barge, and these will affect the type of narrowboat you should buy. First things first, you should know where to look. You can buy narrowboats from a wealth of online and offline marketplaces. If you're looking for a new build boat, boat shows are a great way to check out designs and stock. Always inspect your boat before buying to check the general maintenance, hull, and engine conditions, and ensure that a reputable and qualified surveyor has surveyed your narrowboat purchase.

Before settling on the type of boat you want, think about how you'll use it. The needs of a hobbyist or seasonal canal user are going to be different from those living onboard all the time. Do you want to cruise all year-round or keep a permanent or semi-permanent base for your vessel? While size is a premium and adds to luxury, it hinders navigation along with short locks like Hebble Navigation.

In general terms, there are three styles of canal boat to choose from traditional, semi-traditional, and cruise. This is defined by the rear stern of the boat. A traditional stern has very little open space at the back and reserves indoor living areas. Semi-traditional sterns are designed with some walled spacing to the rear for standing and socializing. Cruise sterns are fully open and are great for recreational owners who spend more time above deck.

Narrowboat mooring is an integral aspect of boat ownership that can either excite or irritate owners. Boats are allowed to moor alongside most canal towpaths in designated short-term spots. These generally allow users to stay in one spot for up to 2 weeks before moving on. Some rules are stricter with 48-hour limitations. While this may seem stringent, it's one of the only real ways to consider and regulate fellow canal users fairly.

Residential narrowboat moorings can be hard to come by as demand far exceeds supply. Some of these are operated on canal ways by the Canal & River Trust, while others are privately run on marinas and boatyards. Fees have to be paid for these services. It's worth noting that it's often easier to buy a boat that includes residential mooring from a seller. These come at a greater list price. If you know the area you'd like to remain moored in, contact local boat groups or talk to fellow owners for information on availability.

People live on canal boats for many reasons. For some liveaboards their canal boat is like a permanent holiday home, somewhere to escape to. For others living afloat essentially enables a friendlier and simpler lifestyle. And for many reducing their living costs is the important thing.

The Canal and River Trust (CRT) issue licences for most navigable canals and some rivers, like the River Severn. Their Annual Cruising Licence currently costs between 600 and 1300 depending on the length of your boat. There are surcharges for boats wider than narrowboats. A restricted Rivers Only licence costs between about 50 and 800. See the CRT website for details.

Waterway Licences give you the right to float your boat on canals or rivers and (usually) to use the locks and facilities. There are a wide range of licences with annual prices ranging from a few pounds to a few thousand pounds, see our grey WATERWAY LICENCES Information Box.

Reservation Cancellations: Reservations must be canceled 48 hours in advance for a full refund. If possible, management will issue refunds for later cancellations, but this is not guaranteed.Cancellations must be made by telephone; 706-823-0440 x4 or by email at

I managed to renovate the boat to a certain point to resell her, cut my losses, returned to England and then I fell in love with canal boats. I bought a shell of a boat for 3,800, once again using my bank overdraft, and renovated her for two years and then lived on her for a year and sold her for 22,500.

I would highly recommend this tour. The tour left on time, the boat was clean. They also provide cold bottled water, a plus on a hot day. The captain knew his stuff and was quite the comedian. The canal was gorgeous and we saw several types of birds and a small gator. They also allow you to bring a cooler with drinks and food. An A+ in my book

This tour seems to have it all. A comfortable boat (water and ice provided) takes you along the lake where you can take in the views. It then takes you along one of the canals and out to the lake on the other side. The guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. 041b061a72


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