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Borax has been around forever. And 20 Mule Borax hints at this history with its name. Because back in 1883, it took teams of 20 mules to haul huge wagons of borax across Death Valley and into the hands of our great-great grandmothers.

It will kill pretty much any plant in large concentrations, which makes it a potentially potent weed killer. So I heavily spritzed some weeds on my patio with a solution of two tablespoons of borax dissolved in two cups of hot water.

Step 2: Pour in about two cups of simmering-hot water, and stir until the borax dissolves completely. (We added food coloring, but apparently not enough to turn the crystals a different color.)

Step 4: Loop (or tie) a string through (or around) the pipe cleaner shape, and tie it to a pencil. Place the pencil across the jar so the shape is suspended in the liquid without touching the sides or bottom.

Combine three parts borax and one part sugar, and apply a light dusting in places where cockroaches congregate (out of reach of pets and kids.) The roaches will lap it up, and in a matter of hours, the borax will dehydrate their exoskeletons, killing them dead.

When looking for options to control pests in the home, many people turn to borax or boric acid. These substances are known to be harmful to certain types of insects, so it may seem easier to just attempt to control the pests on your own than to call a professional. However, there is a lot of misinformation about what borax and boric acid are and what they can do, information which may also prove dangerous to the health of those in your home.

When insects ingest borax, it acts as a stomach poison. The exact mode of action is not yet understood, but when borate salts dissolve inside an insect body they form boric acid. After ingestion, insects reduce their feeding, dry out and are eventually killed.

Just made this recipe and put out some cotton balls. I hope this works, I noticed the amount of borax in this recipe is a lot less than some others. I will report back in a couple days. Thanks for the information.

These two easy recipes for laundry detergent liquid makes 14 loads of non-toxic laundry detergent for about $3.oo and rates an A on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Healthy Cleaning scale. Learn the simple way to make liquid detergent in small batches.

You can add it in the machine but not in the liquid mix. The water will activate the oxygen cleaner and you want that reaction to happen during the wash cycle. My dry detergent recipe contains oxygen bleach.

Hi Bren, I have made this recipe about 4 times. Mine is never in a liquid state after I am done. Am I supposed to add more water to it the second day before blending it? Or, is the total of water only 5 cups?

Diane, the detergent recipe makes approximately 4.5 cups. Castile soap is a true liquid soap made from vegetable oils, Sals Suds is a detergent made from coconuts. Hope one of the recipes helps your skin!

Thank you so much for the laundry detergent recipe. I cannot wait to make it. I absolutely love the scent of francinscense and myrrh in my detergent. Do you think that I can add essential oils to your dry version? I know that it would be much easier to do so in the liquid recipe but I prefer dry detergent. What do you think? and if Yes, at what point in the recipe? I am going to add that scent to the liquid fabric softener too! You can never have enough of that scent!!

You mentioned in your #1 laundry detergent recipe (baking soda), to not put your liquid Laundry detergent in the detergent dispenser? What about your #2 laundry detergent recipe (Sals Suds), can it be put in the detergent dispenser?

Does the liquid detergent with sal suds clean better than the liquid detergent with Castillo soap? Does the powdered detergent with kirks Castille soap and oxi clean clean better than both liquid recipes? Which one do u use most often?

Hi! Super thanks for this great work! I made liquid laundry using your recepie ( with castile soap) and it came out to be very viscous/ too thick in the end. Is there something you would recommend to thin its consistency ?

I made this and when it cooled, it was completely clear. (Washed my clothes well, too!) Then as it sat overnight in my basement, it turned white and I had a big, hard clump of solids and some liquid tha separated. Stirring seems to help, but I imagine that blending it again would fix this. Is there a way to keep it from clumping? Having to blend it before each use would be a nuisance.

Sheila: Question 1: Yes, the first liquid detergent recipe work as well as my borax free dry detergent recipe. Question 2: No, you can not add Oxiclean to the liquid soap recipe. The liquid will react with Oxiclean in the mix and it will lose its effectiveness. If you want to add Oxiclean you can add a scoop directly to that machine when doing laundry. Good luck!

I pour both the Grade A Borax Free Laundry Detergent and the Liquid Laundry Detergent directly on top of the clothes. Before I made my own powdered detergent I only used liquid detergent, now I mostly use powdered!

Hi. I made this is a pure liquid. Both sodas dissolved pretty quickly. I bought a different brand of laundry soap (not Arm & Hammer), so not sure if that would affect it. Should I add some more? It is pretty much a pure liquid detergent. Thanks!

Mariana, yes the liquid detergent will spread when added to the laundry. If it is too thick you can thin it with additional water. Try adding the baking soda a little at a time to make it easier to combine. Good luck! -Bren 041b061a72


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