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For those defending this teacher, have you actually read the article? It clearly states that Swagerty has been cited for HOSTING the party, that beer and liquor were "strewn throughout the home," and that most teens had driven to the home and would have DUI'ed had police not intervened. What more evidence do you need?[Portion removed by Palo Alto Online]

Anyone who knows Lisa Swagerty knows that she is a popular, trustworthy teacher. We do not know the facts of the case here. What the media says, the police citation indicates, and the facts of the case show are all irrelevant until more details are known. Hosting a party is not the same as a party happening in the home without consent, and these days a get together of high school students can quickly escalate to a large number of partying teenagers, already intoxicated bringing their own alcohol by word of cell phone, myspace, or anything else. I personally doubt that Mrs. Swagerty's involvement in this was her doing and I would like to see our school community giving her the benefit of the doubt and our full support until such time as the real evidence proves otherwise.

Don't blame Palo Alto Online or Weekly for reporting an incident that took place at the home of Swagerty. Ask yourself this question: if you as parents are home, would it be possible for a bunch of teens to show up and start drinking without your knowledge? How big is her home that she had no clue a wild party was going on? Don't forget the police were tipped off by LOUD PARTY at 10:30PM. Obviously, it must have been too loud for some neighbors and yet wasn't a bother to Swagerty? C'mon, folks, this is an open and shut case or the police wouldn't have cited the couple at the spot!

This isn't a complicated case. I have no doubt that Ms. Swagerty is a fine teacher and well liked at Palo Verde. But the police have no reason to have misstated what was going on, and if the parents had welcomed the arrival of the police to break up a party that had simply arrived on their doorstep I can't imagine they would have been cited. And to blame Palo Alto Online for reporting the story and naming the people cited is crazy. People must be accountable for their actions. It's fine that some people that know them are defending them, but as we know from other cases (Bill Giardano, for example) there are always people that simply cannot accept that someone they trusted could have violated that trust. I love my teenage son, but if he were brought home by the police after such an incident my response wouldn't be to blame the messenger. It would be to deal with why my son had made the choices that he did and determine the proper consequences. The same should apply to the people that allowed this party to take place. What in the world were they thinking?

-- and nothing in the SF Gate article provides evidence, or even a hint of evidence, about what the parents knew, when they knew it, or what they may have been doing. All of the details describe what teens did and where.

Friends --Rather than rushing to condemn or defending the character of the individual parents, let us focus on a much larger problem in this community -- teen parties focused on drinking, every weekend. Whatever the specifics of this case, MANY of these parties do take place in homes where parents have the mistaken concept that it's safer that way. So let's allow the legal system to deal with whether or not the parents in this case are guilty as charged. But let's not continue to play ostrich about the problem here. Two Palo Alto teenagers have died in two years due to drinking and driving. There's a culture of "kids will be kids" and tolerance of binge drinking that is putting many teenagers' future at risk. We all want to be "cool" parents and it's definitely not cool to tell your teens that not only can they not have the booze at your house, but that there won't be any uninvited guests, or people arriving with open or closed containers --- and you're going to be the heavy if the agreed-upon rules are not followed. But that's what we have to do if we really love our kids and want to help them grow up to be all they can be. See the two links below for some sobering info. Pun intended. ===============================A Parent's Guide to Teen Parties (Crystal Springs Parent Assn, 2002)Web Link===============================Parents, Teens and Alcohol: A Dangerous Mix (excerpt)"Underage drinking is a factor in nearly half of all teen automobile crashes," states Robert Wood Johnson vice president Nancy Kaufman. "It also contributes to suicides, homicides, and fatal injuries, and is a factor in sexual assaults and date rapes."The mixed messages that parents send when they "bargain" with teens and allow them to drink at home may actually be to blame for excessive teen drinking. Consider these disturbing trends:* A 1993 study of 15,000 students by the Minnesota-based Johnson Institute, which fights alcohol use at school and at work, showed that permissiveness at home affects adolescent choices more than peer pressure.* Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) surveys estimate that when parents "bargain" with their kids and let them drink as long as they promise not to drive, teens are more likely to drive after drinking or be in a car with someone who is drinking.* The University of Minnesota's School of Public Health found that teens whose parents or friends' parents provided alcohol for parties were more likely to drink, get into traffic crashes, get involved in violence, and participate in thefts.Then there's also the sticky problem of setting a bad example for teens who want to do the right thing. "Some kids don't want to drink," says 18-year-old Courtney Michna. "They want an out and their parents provide a good excuse. If kids say 'Want some?' and they say, 'No, my parents will kill me,' most kids say, 'OK, that's cool, there's more for me!' But if parents are saying 'Go ahead, it's perfectly fine to drink,' then what out do kids have?"Kendrick goes a step further. "Parent-sponsored drunk-fests make it harder for the kids who don't drink and for parents who won't let their kids drink. It's almost an inherent challenge that these parents lay down by saying, 'I'm sponsoring this because I think your teen is mature enough to drink responsibly.' A teen who doesn't drink or whose parents say it's wrong thinks, "What's wrong with me? Am I the only one who feels this way?" But Kendrick believes there is a huge difference between "kids experimenting with alcohol and kids drinking with adult approval."Debby Hutter, a mother of four adolescents, agrees with Kendrick's assessment. "I feel like I would be ostracized if I said my daughters couldn't go to a prom or graduation party because there was drinking going on. My daughters say to me, 'Mom. You just don't get it.' But I don't get how parents--even if they take away the car keys--can justify serving 16-, 17-, and 18-year-olds beer. Kids make bad choices, but what can you do when parents facilitate those choices? It's totally disgusting to watch these kids get drunk!" Full article: Web Link

[Portion removed by Palo Alto Online staff] There has only been a citation; there is no proven guilt. What kind of jungle justice are you modeling for your kids? That said, let's let the facts come out. Also, it's not cool for ANY newspaper to be publishing the names of people who are cited or arrested BEFORE they're shown to be guilty. How many reputations has that practiced ruined, even AFTER the person cited or arrested was found to be innocent? Usually, there's a note on page 19, and that's the end of the newspaper's responsibility.Last, I have seen MANY teen parties in this city. Some of those parties are basically "flash mobs" that organize via text messaging - a party can be quite sedate, and then change demeanor within MINUTES. I've seen this happen more than once. Someone can be monitoring a party that begins quite sedately, there's a slow buildup of noise. Maybe the party host is working on email and checking out the party from time to time. Suddenly, 3-4 people who have been partying elsewhere arrive; they call others from outside, even before they enter the house; they go inside to use the bathroom, others arrive - the noise builds slowly, steadily outside, and before you know it there's a crowd in the street and someone calls the cops. I have seen this happen at least two dozen times at nearby homes that have teenagers, or house incoming Stanford freshman. Incidentally, I've twice intervened to let parents know that the party was roaring outside, and they always seemed genuinely surprised. A slow buildup of noise becomes inperceptible for someone hosting a party, or attending a party. It's normal.That said, teen drinking IS a problem, and should NOT be tolerated. Any teen found with alchohol should be cited as well.As far as the persons who hosted the party go, let this go until absolute proof of guilt is shown, instead of sullying someone who may herself have been the victim of a series of actions that multiplied faster than she would have imagined.

I am appalled that the teacher involved was back at school teaching on Monday morning. We as a community need to speak out about teen drinking with vigor! Parents should be more than cited, they should be jailed! This has been going on for too long without change. [Portion removed by Palo Alto Online staff] 041b061a72


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