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Electric Shavers

Remington Products, commonly known as simply Remington, is an American personal care brand which manufactures hair clippers, electric shavers, epilators, and haircare products. It is a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands and Oak Hill Capital.

electric shavers

Victor Kiam's Remington Products Company became very profitable, branching out into other personal care small appliances, buying Clairol's personal care appliance business in 1994. Kiam sold his controlling interest in Remington to Ike Perlmutter prior to the Clairol acquisition that same year. Remington changed hands again in June 1996 when Perlmutter and Kiam sold their controlling interest in the company to Vestar Capital Partners. Victor Kiam died in 2001. In 2003, the Kiam family and Vestar sold Remington to the battery company Rayovac. Rayovac changed its name to Spectrum Brands and markets Remington brand men's and women's electric shavers, hair clippers, beard and moustache trimmers, nose and ear hair trimmers,[1] foot massagers, make-up mirrors, heated hair rollers, blow dryers, and curling irons. Remington also sells flat irons.

The president of Remington shavers in 1978: "When my wife bought me a Remington shaver, I was so impressed I bought the company". Victor Kiam would often appear in television advertisements for Remington shavers and say: "Shaves as close as a blade, or your money back!"[2]

Thanks to the innovative patented design the electric shaver perfectly fits the palm of your hand, offering the best grip for head and face shaving. The ergonomic handle allows to easily access all hard-to-reach areas, to ensure maximum comfort while shaving. You can hold the shaver between your fingers for easy and convenient head shaving, or grab the handle in you palm to easily shave your face. The unique head and face shaver will help save time and efforts for shaving the back of your head, neck and chin.

Shave the way you prefer. Wet or dry, with shaving foam or without, even in the shower. Our men shavers are designed to suit your needs and make the shaving enjoyable. Thanks to the water resistance technology use the shaver at your convenience for maximum comfort and perfect results.

The Braun Series 3 is a durable, wet/dry shaver that performs very well with fine and very light-growth facial hair. Its pop-up trimmer is also just right for lighter beards and finer hair. This could make it an ideal first electric shaver for teens.

It is important to know that it takes approximately three to four weeks for the skin to get used to being shaved with electric razors. This is because it will take a few weeks for you to find the right touch to achieve a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave. So, you may experience extra heat on the skin from slower beginner shaving, to some hair tugging (or pulling) in more challenging areas of the face before you are 100% happy with your new shaver.

To help alleviate discomfort, I recommend applying a protective barrier between your face and your new shaver. This could be an electric shaving solution, face moisturizer, or shaving cream (essential oil-based versions). Additionally, shaving with no more than 2-3 days of beard growth is most ideal for these shavers. Because any longer could prove to be a very uncomfortable experience since electric shavers are made for removing shorter hair. Lastly, shaving the most sensitive areas of the face first when the shaving head is cool, is recommended in order to avoid any extra shaving irritation.

For Rotary shavers, the most effective way to achieve a close, comfortable, and irritation-free shave is to allow the blades to gently move across the face in an overlapping circular motion. This circular motion optimizes the blade's cutting ability while overlapping each shaved area can reduce skin irritation by limiting the number of times the blades touch the skin.

The best electric shavers can separate that fine line between a ruggedly handsome clean-shaven jaw and a patchy, razor-burned chin, and we're sure you'd rather have the former than the latter. A bad razor is like owning a blunt knife in the kitchen, you're only asking for a grooming disaster to strike, and investing in a top-spec device doesn't have to be expensive or complex at all. Joe Mills, founder of Joe Mills Studio and GQ's Barber of the Year, is perfectly placed to teach us all about the best ways to shave, clean and look after your chin without snags or hiccups.

The Panasonic ES-LS9A is one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin, as it's clever enough to automatically adjust its power according to the density of your beard. Combined with its powerful motor that provides an impressive 84,000 cutting motions per minute, it helps ensure that each shave is perfectly suited to your face. For more versatility, we recommend Panasonic's Multishape has multiple heads that include a toothbrush, beard trimmer, hair clipper and nose hair trimmer.

Rotary shavers are your traditional-looking trimmers with three pivoting heads that move in a circular motion and roll with the contours of your jawline, meaning you can quickly zip around your face and keep stubble to a minimum without much fuss. The larger surface area makes it a little tougher to reach areas around your ears and under your nose, but you can cut through the rest of your facial fuzz in no time at all.

We shouldn't have to talk about the hygiene issues with using the same device you use on your body as your face, but in case we do, you definitely shouldn't use the same electric shaver all over your body. In fact, we'd happily point you towards our best body hair trimmers article to learn about the best tools for that job. Unless you've already got stubble all over your body, these razors aren't well-equipped for a total groom where the sun doesn't shine, and you should definitely invest in the right tools if that's what you're keen on.

Given how good a job the standard Series 9000 does at scything across your stubble for half the price of the Prestige, making the upgrade is by no means essential. Still, look at it. It's gorgeous. In the same way that you don't really need a Lamborghini to pop to the shops, you don't really need to splurge this much on an electric shaver. But, if you do, you absolutely won't be disappointed.

Our only real gripe is the lack of any extras like a cleaning station, considering the price you'll be forking out for it. Still, if that's the sort of extra you'll never actually use, you can be content knowing that you've got one of the best shavers on the planet sitting in your bathroom cupboard. 499.99 236. At

Panasonic continues to deliver some of the best shaving and grooming devices around with the LV97, decidedly comprehensive shavers that should easily keep the hair at bay without irritation or fuss. The headline stuff? It has super-charged foil head cuts with over 70,000 motions for smooth, even shaves from the Japanese blades. The head is flexible and pivots, with automatic sensors to adjust the foil to the shape of your chin and the density of the hair as you go.

The OneBlade is a delightfully simple yet incredibly effective electric shaver that offers an effortlessly close shave in a small, light package that's perfect for travelling. Agile and waterproof, it comes with three stubble combs to help you achieve your preferred rugged look if you'd rather not go clean-shaven.

We're not massive fans of this particular Remington's rather uninspiring design. We quite like the yellow, mind, but beyond that, this isn't an electric shaver you're likely to want to proudly keep on display.

Without being overdramatic, we'd quite confidently state that the Andis Resurge is a strong contender for the best-looking electric shaver of all time. Even if you disagree, it's hard to argue against its looks. Unlike some of its rivals, it offers a slim, lightweight, pared-back design, kitted out with an elegant yet sophisticated black and gold livery. Its matte rubber grip, complete with diagonal striations, makes it a joy to hold, with no fear of accidental drops. But enough about the looks.

Although the Series 5000 is a reasonably-priced proposition, it's one of the better-looking shavers around thanks to a matte grey design, solid ergonomics, and a handy display showing its battery level. All of these join forces to make this more of a men's grooming tool than a boyish plaything. 199 74. At

While it's not waterproof, you can detach the head and rinse it out to keep things hygienic. A travel lock is also included to ensure you won't have any misfires in transit. With a cap for protection and a travel pouch for keeping everything together, this is one of the better compact shavers for those who'd rather not rely on hunting down batteries while they're out and about. 29. At

Taking inspiration from many a beard trimmer, Hatteker's entry into the electric shaver fray is a bona fide multitool with a variety of removable heads that support several different functions. These include a rotary shaver with four directional floating heads, a precision trimmer, a nose trimmer, and even a facial brush for exfoliating. Are all of these as accomplished as a more focused alternative? Not quite, but we're swimming in the more budget-friendly end of the pool here, and you're getting a hell of a lot of bang for not very much buck.

It's worth bearing in mind that we wouldn't advise you to snap it up at its full RRP, as you can get better shavers for not much more money than that, but at the time of writing, at just over the 50 mark, it's entered Bargain Territory for sure. From 119.99 59. At &

You will notice an electric shaver and manual razor have very different initial costs. An electric shaver can be expensive upfront but can last for years if properly taken care of. This option is more of a long-term investment. Vice versa, manual razors are very cost-effective upfront but replacement blades and additional products can add up over time. 041b061a72


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