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Where To Buy Bar Mats

Bar Impression logo mats are produced from nitrile rubber that is digitally printed for exceptional print quality. This product has over 150 colors and has a full bleed imprint. The Bar Impression Logo mat is ideal for all bars and countertops to prevent water rings from staining or leaving marks. These mats are perfect for counter mats, point of purchase displays, events, restaurants, bars, sports arenas, trade shows and short promotional use.

where to buy bar mats


Our new Floor Impressions promotional logo mats provide a lasting impression of your brand. Designed for high traffic areas. Floor Impressions logo mats are made of durable Nitrile-rubber with a textured-diamond vinyl printing surface. These mats are perfect for point-of-purchase programs, food and beverage displays, events, trade shows and product advertisement. Floor Impressions logo floor mats can be used indoor or out.

New Wave Logo Mat is printed using a four-color dye sublimation process and then heat-transferred onto the mat, creating photo quality images with amazing detail. Ideal for light to medium traffic areas, mats are perfect for counter mats, point of purchase programs, displays, events, trade shows and short promotional use.

POP logo mats are produced from a 100% polyester knit fabric top that is dye-sublimated for exceptional print quality. This product has over 150 color and has a full bleed imprint. The POP Logo mat is ideal for medium traffic, indoor applications. These mats are perfect for counter mats, point of purchase programs, displays, events, trade shows and short promotional use.

Rail mats are long and are placed on the edge of the bar. Bartenders mix drinks on them. These rail mats can hold an adequate amount of liquid, preventing overflow by dispersing the liquid across its surface. No more wet bars.

All bar mats are three-dimensional surfaces, so they are easy to clean and air-dry quickly. What you place on them never gets wet by the liquid that drips into them. They are designed in a variety of shapes and are often emblazoned with company logos.

Rubber, Silicone and PVC bar mats require a unique production method. Please read our posts on the PVC bar mat making process and Natural rubber bar mat making process if you want to dig deeper into the manufacturing process.

Bell's General Store does ship to AK/HI/PR, military addresses (APO/FPO/LPO) and most US territories. Shipping quotes & times may be higher than expected so please contact us with special situations by using the contact forms below. You are responsible for making sure your order is compliant with all shipping/customs regulations wherever you are. While we do our best to ensure your order is packaged sufficiently, Bell's General Store Online will not be responsible for damaged/destroyed or lost packages sent to non-continental addresses. We do not suggest buying fragile/perishable items for overseas shipping. Buy at your own risk!

Commercial floor mats, or anti-fatigue mats, are one vital feature of a bar layout. They prevent the floor behind the bar counter from getting messy and becoming a safety hazard. Bar cleaning can be a headache, but good bar floor mats can make it a bit easier.

Molded rubber bar mats provide traction on a wet floor by allowing liquids to flow through the mat's surface. They keep the walking surface as dry as possible, and good floor mat cleaners maintain their cleanliness and effectiveness. They add to the cost to open a bar, but it's well worth it.

The bartender, barback, and bar manager-see bar manager salary-must feel confident they can move quickly and securely around the bar area. That's why it's necessary to purchase high-quality floor mats and use the best methods to keep them clean. The right floor mats will keep your bar equipment layout pristine.

Anti-fatigue bar mats appear in almost all bars in America. They support bar management and staff who must move around quickly in the bar area. Bar mats protect them from walking on slippery surfaces, leading to falls and other injuries.

You should know how to keep bar floor mats clean and aim to purchase the best bar floor mats for your bar and restaurant operations. Like everything else in your bar, it's an investment that pays off in the long run.

Fill up a large bucket with water and soap. Use a scrub brush to clean the stains and other sticky areas. You don't need to use harsh chemicals to get the job done. Using a degreaser can cause gradual damage to your bar mats.

This bar floor mat is perfect for areas around your bar. It offers interlocking features to give you more coverage on your floors. Your mats will lock together to provide a solid surface for your back of the bar area.

This mat is for a combination of center-style and end-style mats that you must purchase separately. The continuous hole pattern helps drain water from the mat's surface, providing another safety benefit for your bartending staff. It's available in red, blue, and yellow to match your bar's design.

This mat is ideal for bar and kitchen areas, but you can also use it in other areas where heavy traffic and moisture are issues. Wizgree's Bar Floor Mat is durable to last in a busy bar and kitchen area.

You should also avoid using high-powered pressure washers. The best method for cleaning bar mats is taking them outside, washing them with water and soap, and letting them air dry on a transportation rack.

Now you know how to properly clean a bar mat and you're equipped with our recommendations for the best bar floor mats. Include bar floor mats on your bar equipment list and compare the best features of each choice. Check out our related article to get some ideas for the best floor cleaner for your bar floors.

Also, consider including bar floor mats on your home bar essentials list. You probably will only need one or two depending on the size of your home bar. But it's a good investment to protect the floors behind the bar in your home as well.

Remember that you'll need to know your bar dimensions. This will help you find the right size and number of mats to buy. You'll want to cover any floor areas that could become slippery when wet. It's important to know this information for your bar and restaurant cleaning checklist.

Think about the heavy traffic areas of your bar area and where your staff usually works. These are the areas you'll need to install reliable and non-slip floor mats. It might be worth it to spend a bit more money to have durable floor mats in your bar. It could pay off in the long run, saving your bar money and keeping your employees safe.

In busy pubs and bars, the floor quickly becomes wet and slippery with excess drink falling onto the bar floor. Our bar mats help to prevent accidents in the workplace and improve the working conditions for bar staff. They also help to manage excess liquids, allowing it to collect in the gaps ready to be cleaned at the end of the day.

Rubber bar mats stand up to the test when it comes to damp conditions, providing a safe space for the staff to work in, without the risk of slipping. Rubber bar mats also double as anti-fatigue mats and giving relief to those standing for long shifts pulling pints and serving drinks. Manufactured from 100% natural rubber our anti-fatigue bar matting also features gradual bevels to prevent tripping.

The bar and wet area mat is a robust, durable anti-fatigue mat designed for areas where drainage is necessary and prolonged standing requires relief. With up to 13mm in thickness, bar mats double up as an anti-fatigue mat, offering relief for feet, legs and back, which improves all round productivity.

Our specially designed bar mats are constructed with raised cleats on the top of the mat to provide premium traction. The anti-slip backing reduces mat movement in wet conditions and in the interest of hygiene; the rubber bar mat range is extremely easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth, sweep, vacuum or hose down. Smaller bar mats can be washed in a commercial washing machine as and when required.

Mats Nationwide offer custom sized bar mats to fit in with the dimensions of the bar area. Either sat behind the bar on the pump side to make the workplace safer or used in the actual bar area for the benefit of the customer. Order with us and you can pick and choose the exact dimensions of the mat for the bar.

If you require any bar mats urgently, please contact one of our team on 01565 756152 or email and we shall endeavour to work with you to meet your businesses target date. We are happy to offer FREE UK delivery and have international delivery available for those looking to purchase bar area floor mats from overseas.

Shop for bar mats and bar liners to help keep bar countertops neat and tidy. Bar liners dry glassware, prevent chipping and breakage, and can be used to line bar shelves. Bar mats help prevent spills and protect the bar countertop from unsightly stains. Bar mats can also reduce cleaning time by keeping spills contained on the bar mat so they don't spread on the counter or floor. They are also easy to lift so that any accumulated liquid can be poured into the sink. Available in rubber or plastic, in interlocking styles, separate mats, or rolled liners that can be cut to size, bar mats and bar liners are easy to clean and maintain and promise to keep your bar looking tidy and clean.

Bartenders can prepare drinks on bar mats, which can prevent spills and protect the surface of the bar from wet glasses. Made from thick and heavy rubber, these mats provide drainage for any spilled drinks and are easy to pick up and empty into the sink.

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Spills and messes are bound to happen, so make sure your bar is covered with a proper mat to ward them off. Shop our large supply of bar mats to find the right match for either your home or commercial bar. 041b061a72


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