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Tranny Butt Injections [VERIFIED]

Butt augmentation can give you a fuller and rounder behind that is more in line with your gender identity. Butt augmentation is often carried out for trans women who are unsatisfied with the shape of their butt, or with the proportion between their butt and the rest of their body. For many trans women, this form of body feminization surgery can lead to more self-confidence and pride.

tranny butt injections

The surgery can be carried out in two different ways. Either using butt implants or via liposculpture or fat grafting. Our plastic surgeon Dr Doornaert is specialized in body feminization surgery for transwomen. During a consultation with Dr Doornaert, it will become clear what the best solution is for you.

A butt augmentation via fat grafting or a Brazilian butt lift is the most common, most natural and most successful option. With this method, fat is removed from another part of the body, mostly the abdominal area, under a local or a general anesthetic. The fat is then injected into your butt. The result? A flat belly, narrow waist and fuller, rounder butt. Complications from this procedure are minimal, including over the long term.

For butt augmentation via fat grafting, one thing is very important: you must naturally have sufficient body fat. When the body fat is injected into your butt, 40% will be absorbed by your body. The remaining 60% will remain in your butt permanently. So it is possible that the procedure may have to be repeated after around six months in order to obtain the desired result.

Butt implants may be an option when you do not have enough body fat for a Brazilian butt lift. This is no problem. We can also carry out a butt augmentation by means of implants. Dr Doornaert uses silicone implants for this procedure.

For trans women who come to 2pass Clinic in Antwerp from abroad, it is often handy to combine several procedures. That way you have only one trip to make, need to take time off work only once and go through only one recovery. You can combine your butt augmentation with other procedures. But note that this will have a greater impact on your body, both physically and mentally.

It is possible to combine your hip augmentation with a butt augmentation. But we would like to warn you: you might be very uncomfortable after the procedure because you will be able to sleep only on your stomach.

Trans people in the U.S. have turned to underground silicone injections for decades. And it has particularly impacted trans women of color and those living in poverty. Anke Gladnick for NPR hide caption

Because of complications from her HIV medication, she developed a condition that affects how the body stores and distributes fat tissue. She says it was like her butt was "erasing." At the same time, she was already contending with the pressures of conventional beauty standards. Meeting those standards can be a boon to a trans woman's self-esteem; breaking them can put a target on her back.

"Pumping is usually a few hundred dollars per treatment," Goldstein says. "But then you compare that to $10,000 for breast augmentation, $5,000 to $10,000 for breast augmentation ... and there not really being good procedures for enlarging the size of someone's butt. There's a Brazilian butt lift, where they do a fat transfer from one part of the body into the buttocks. That is $8,000 to $12,000 usually."

Wear your compression garment. Your surgeon will provide a stretchy garment to support your waist and hips as you recover from your butt lift. It helps to hold transplanted fat in the right place. The garment strategically reduces swelling while helping to conform post-liposuction sculpting.

For transgender women, a shapely backside is a coveted sign of femininity that is not easily achieved through exercise alone. Fortunately, a leading cosmetic surgeon who is experienced working with transgender patients, like Dr. Javad Sajan, can perform a Brazilian butt lift to sculpt a distinctly feminine derriere.

Men tend to have buttocks that lack projection and are considerably flatter than their female counterparts, while women have backsides that are round and full, with a distinct curve that creates a sensuous silhouette. It can be nearly impossible for transgender patients to recreate this kind of curvy backside without surgery, which is why so many of them turn to Dr. Sajan for the Brazilian butt lift.

This procedure is ideal in two ways. First, it involves removing fat from areas surrounding the buttocks, such as the hips, back and thighs, achieving an overall more contoured figure. From there, the excess fat is re-injected into the buttocks, sculpting a more feminine backside.

If you decide you'd like to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift procedure, your first step will be to have an initial consultation with Dr. Sajan. During that meeting, he will talk to you about your motivations for surgery and the precise cosmetic objectives you'd like to accomplish. From there, he will examine your buttocks, hips and abdomen to identify how much excess fat will need to be extracted and re-injected to achieve your desired look.

Prior to your Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Sajan, you will need to carefully follow pre-surgery guidelines to ensure a safe and complication-free experience. There are some medications that you'll need to avoid, such as aspirin and certain supplements, as they can increase your risk of bleeding and lead to a more difficult recovery period. As such, it's important to tell Dr. Sajan about any medications or vitamins, prescription or otherwise, that you're currently taking.

Your Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Sajan will take place in our state-licensed surgery center, and you will be able to return home to begin the healing process the very same day. To begin your operation, an anesthesiologist will administer either a general (deep sleep) anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

The procedure will involve allograft donations of fat, meaning that fat grafts will be removed from donor sites on your body and transferred to augment your buttocks. Dr. Sajan will make micro-incisions at the donor sites (like your stomach and thighs), insert a very small cannula (thin tube) and use tumescent liposuction to remove fat grafts. The fat grafts will be prepared for the transfer using a centrifuge/filtration purification procedure to separate the fat cells from other liquid also extracted during liposuction. When ready, the purified fat is injected through thin cannulas into the upper portion of your buttocks to create a more lifted, contoured, and sensuous appearance.

After your Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Sajan, you'll need to follow the recovery protocol carefully. Immediately after the procedure, you will likely feel groggy due to the lingering effects of the anesthesia. Your rear end will also be swollen and bruised. As such, it's important to have a friend or family member drive you home and take care of you for the first few days. Before leaving our surgical center. Dr. Sajan and his team will provide you with detailed instructions regarding wound care, appropriate activity levels and medications. You will also be instructed to wear a compression garment for a period of time to facilitate the healing process and ensure an optimal aesthetic outcome.

For transgender patients, a Brazilian butt lift can be a critical step in establishing their gender identity. Contact Dr. Sajan's Seattle office today for a consultation, and learn more about how this transformative procedure can help introduce the real you to the world.

The journey to align your exterior physique with your internal identity is one that requires bravery and the assistance of a plastic surgeon who supports and empowers you, while understanding the importance of your vision for your body. Dr. Javad Sajan is experienced in transgender Brazilian butt lifts and has the technical skill and artistic eye required to produce exceptionally attractive results. Women in the Seattle area who wish to enhance their feminine curves and claim the body they have always deserved seek Dr. Sajan for his compassion, his skill, and his caring demeanor. He considers it an honor to guide you towards achieving the feminine form that brings you greater joy, confidence, and happiness in all the years ahead.

Though the structure of your posterior is decided primarily by genetics, butt implants and other increasingly popular procedures can reshape the look of your buttocks for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Round, firm buttocks have become a sought-after shape in recent years. Exercise and losing weight may help tone muscles and change the appearance of that area, but butt implants can be a faster way of getting a shapelier result.

Once your surgeon is satisfied with the way the butt implants look, they close the cuts with sutures or surgical tape. Your results are immediate, though there will probably be swelling in the area. The incisions made to insert the butt implants should fade over time.

The main alternative to butt implants is a gluteal fat transfer or Brazilian butt lift. It may be best for people looking to even out the proportions of their body without implants. You must have enough fat in other areas of your body that your doctor can inject into your buttocks. A Brazilian butt lift does not help with sagging skin issues.

Most people have some pain after getting butt implants. You may be able to control it by taking over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication. Your doctor might also give you a prescription to help you manage the discomfort. The surgery may require you to have surgical drains that need emptying several times a day.

You must wear compression garments after having butt implant surgery. Your doctor will give you thorough instructions on the aftercare regimen you must follow until your next post-surgical appointment.

Transforming your body to match your identity may require enhancing your buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift in San Francisco. When excess fat is harvested from the waist, thighs, back, or arms, purified and then injected into the buttocks, it allows you to achieve a beautiful curvy look that is unmistakably feminine. A BBL is one of the most common feminization procedures we perform at Align Surgical Associates in San Francisco. 041b061a72


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