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Fifa 19

Thank you for ur time but sir issues were solved with 6th gen or above and i have attached a screenshot where they have clearly said issued have been solved in fifa 19. i am not using legacy system. and if u have time u can play fifa 19 once more on hd 5500 but play at wembley stadium u will see green grass there. no issues with game play or lag just this black grass is problem. i have attached my system info picture as well. please if u can further help me or suggest something.

Fifa 19

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Hi i have the same issue but with fifa 22 its annoying af cuz ive only played a week and now i found out i cant play anymore cuz of this but thats still going around i have wasted 2 says looking for literally anyone who has the same problem as me i finally found a topic but i still didnt find a solution on it if anyone ie willing to help i would really appreciate it by the way im on pc and if you can pls dm me on discord if you have a solution thank you my dm is slayer#7471 041b061a72


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