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Things To Remember While Purchasing From AliExpress BETTER

As a result, you are protected from getting shipped junk merchandise or getting outright ripped off. But the dispute process can sometimes drag on while going back and forth with the seller.

Things to Remember while Purchasing from AliExpress

Its big ripoff, i lost a lot of money on aliexpress, the protection does not work and they are not interested in help, just 3 days I bought a product sipping was AU $ 3.52, when I paid I was charged US $ 8.5. How aliexpress can allow this? they hope you will net see different charges, I have the proof and I ask support without any result. My advice to not buy any Chinse product, boycott the ailexpress, buy from eBay or amazon only where things like that are not allowed

The first reason is that it helps you stand out from the competition. As we mentioned before, many businesses are selling the same product on AliExpress. People usually thinks that actual product only matters while dropshipping but packaging is the first thing that will make your product different from others.

To buy from AliExpress, just log into your account at, find some items that you want to buy and add them to your shopping cart, check out by selecting your shipping and payment options, track the delivery, and then confirm that your order made it to you (and in good condition) when it arrives.

Long Shipping Times: You need to remember the fact that most of these suppliers are based in China. So with standard or free shipping, it can take anywhere from three weeks to two or months for your products to be delivered. Many suppliers do offer faster delivery solutions through FedEx or DHL, but these alternatives can be a bit expensive. So you either need to be transparent with your customers about the shipping times or pay extra to ensure the items are delivered in a reasonable timeframe.

Thank you very much for sharing your honest take on sites like AliExpress and Wish, and the products many sellers offer up there. I too am troubled deeply by the rampant problems that plague such sites, from copyright infringement to (as you wisely pointed out) the highly questionable quality of things like cosmetics that are sold on such platforms.

Having had such a mixed bag experience and holding very strong stances against things like copyright violations and the use of images without express permission, there was a lot I wanted to say on this subject. While still, al the while, trying to remain fair and evenhanded throughout my post.

You shouldn't zero on only one product since that product you believe is perfect probably won't have any potential for selling in your market. All things considered, go through the entirety of the categories on AliExpress and structure a rundown of twelve products. Here are list of the best dropshipping products you can choose from.

This conveyance time can be excessively long for your clients and might deter them from purchasing. Luckily, there is a quick and reasonable delivery choice considered ePacket Shipping that you should search for.

Additionally, results of low costs are regularly best for setting off out-of-motivation purchasing choices, while clients will in general think much more cautiously before they choose to purchase with regards to results of excessive costs.

Summary:This is a guide to purchasing ("sourcing") from China, and working with Chinese factories. It will probably be most helpful to people like me - entrepreneurs developing a new product or starting a new business that need to obtain parts and raw materials from China. It is written humorously, but hopefully there is some useful advice.I've been doing a lot of shopping recently. I have one favorite store. I buy nearly everything there. Do you think Home Depot is big? Wall Mart? Amazon? Ebay? McMaster Carr?HAH!They are all pathetic and insignificant compared to The Greatest Store The World Has Ever Known. I am sure you are wondering - "how is that possible? no store is bigger than Wall-Mart!" . You are wrong my friend. There is One Store bigger than Wall Mart. MUCH bigger. Where do you think wall-mart, amazon and mcmaster go when they need to buy something? Sorry jimmy - they don't go to another wall-mart. They go to The Store. It is where all goods come from. ALL of them. You know it as: China.Perhaps you thought you had to be a "big player" to buy from China? Think again. You and me can buy direct from The Greatest Store The World Has Ever Known. It's easy and fun! I will show you how.So, say thanks to your new friend Globalization, read on, and soon you too will be a global sourcing expert...

ok, window shopping is fun but lets say you actually want to buy something. take a look at yourself. yes you. are you a 15 year old with an AC/DC tee shirt and $10 in your bank account? well, you are not someone that China wants to sell will be buying from a factory, and they are only interested in selling to a professional buyer - someone that knows how to buy things, and is likely to buy a lot of things.but you can play the part, and because of how the system works you don't have to buy a lot of things.

It is not uncommon that you will not hear back from a company. There could be many reasons for this - the company may be too busy right now, or it could be that they think you are a 15 year old with an AC/DC tee shirt and $10.Some things i've found:- some companies will respond only to "in-system" emails in Alibaba etc.- other companies will only respond to their real email- other companies you might only get to by AIM- its pretty random!- many companies will check the domain name for your email address, or the website you list in your sig. its pretty much the only thing they know about you. if you only have a email and nothing else you probably will not get as high a response rate as if you have an email from and matching website.

ok, so once you've found some totally rad thing, you will probably want to GET IT. This is how it works:"Hello,We are very interested in your product: Uranium Control Rod Model XF-23. Can you send 1 sample? Please ship using our FEDEX account number: 142234423Ship to:Thank you very much,I. P. Frehley..."So, one of 2 things can happen here:(1) 2 days later, "Uranium Control Rod Model XF-23" shows up on your doorstep. (and your fedex account is about $60 lighter).(2) They will write you back with:"Dear Mr. Frehley,I am sorry, but Uranium Control Rod Model XF-23 has a sample price of USD 425. I have attached a PI.Yours Truly,Daisy Chen"*The sales rep always has an entertaining english name they picked from a children's book about flowers.

buying stuff is a bit of a hassle, mostly because the only way to pay is with a wire transfer. For most US banks to do a wire transfer you need to actually GO to the bank and fill out forms on PAPER, and your bank changes you $40 just to send the money. So for less than about a $200 purchase it is not really worth it. Last I checked Citibank is the only one in the US that lets you do online wire transfers (at least for normal people).Ok - so how do you arrange the purchase? Always ask them to send you a PI, or Proforma Invoice. This form is the standard before you pay anything. It shows your ship address, the items you are buying and any other fees, the bank info for the factory, the shipping schedule (sometimes if it is not in stock, they will have to MAKE it, and that can take a month), and other important things. After you check it you will send the wire transfer.Shipping: ask them to include Express (aka Courier) transport with the price. the term "FOB" means "shipping not included", while "CIF" means "shipping and insurance included". Express / Courier means they will use whichever of Fedex, UPS, DHL or TNT they have an account with, and their rates are nearly always better than yours.

there are different kinds of companies:typically you want to deal with a MANUFACTURER or FACTORY. this is the company that actually fabricates the item. there are also TRADING companies or IMPORT/EXPORT companies - these are middlemen who do not operate a factory, but they may have products from a factory that does not sell is normal for the buyer to pay up front for smaller purchases. for larger purchases any number of payment arrangements can be used.fraud: i have never been defrauded, however Alibaba etc. have large FAQ's on their sites about different things to avoid fraud. Fraud is probably more common on things like brand name consumer electronics and fashion accessories, which are not things i have buy.

If you just want a few or just one single item, I could recommend It's just like amazon or ebay-shops. Many items are sold with "free shipping", even if the cost less than 1$. Free shipping takes some time (from less than two weeks up to two months to Germany in some cases). Plus they have a good customer protection system, meaning that they only release your payment to the shop once you have confirmed receipt of the goods. I buy there for more than two years now and had no really bad experience, because I almost always got my money back if a package was not sent out by the shop or got lost in transit.

I think it is too complicated for normal people to start a small business .the economic way will be once you find out what are the right products you want to purchase ,find a local reliable agent to handle from there .let them to handle everything .search supplier ,get a good price or arrange shipping ,certificate etc .with the money flying to China ,you can make so many orders with local buying agent already .we specially sourcing and purchasing for start ups .visit our website .or email us for your requires


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