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[S6E7] Teamwork

People's Carrie Bell enjoyed the episode, praising the balance of cast members. She called Isaac "beloved", and found that the teamwork in the episode proved "there's no 'I' in a team".[14] Former Star-Ledger editor Alan Sepinwall gave a positive review of the entry, applauding the shift in themes and Shepherd's character development.[15] Writing for BuddyTV, Glenn Diaz found the episode comical, calling the scene in which Robbins stands up to Webber "hilarious", and naming Yang the instalment's "comic-relief".[16] Referring to Shepherd and Webber's constant arguments, an AfterEllen senior editor said: "Seriously, these two need to drop their pants and get it over with."[17] Peter Nowalk's writing of the episode was nominated for a Humanitas Prize in the 60 Minute Category.[18] The episode also earned Wilson an NAACP Image Award under the Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series category.[19]

[S6E7] Teamwork



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