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Buy Gold Coins Portland Oregon !!TOP!!

Columbia Coin Company has served Portland gold and silver investors for more than half a century, with 50 years in their downtown location before moving to Hawthorne. They specialize in bullion coins, with a wide selection of American Eagle and foreign gold coins in stock in many sizes. They carry Morgan and Peace silver dollars, 1 oz silver rounds, silver bars from 1 to 100 oz, US 90% silver coins, and much more. One of the largest retail coin shops in the country, Columbia Coin Company also deals in rare coins, with a full range of dates and grades from cents through dollars. This family owned and operated Portland coin dealer also offers coin jewelry settings and collecting supplies.

buy gold coins portland oregon

For nearly two decades, Liberty Coin and Currency has served Portland coin collectors and precious metal investors. This family-owned coin shop specializes in U.S. coins. They buy and sell a wide variety of U.S. and foreign coins, both foreign and rare. They also carry gold and silver bullion coins; their typical inventory includes American gold and silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, and pre-1933 U.S. gold coinage. Liberty Coin and Currency also buys all forms of gold and silver, with prices updated several times daily to reflect changes in market pricing. They have two locations, one in Portland and one across the river in Vancouver, WA. Liberty Coin and Currency is a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer and a member of the American Numismatic Association.

Portland Precious Metals and Coin specializes in gold and silver coins and bullion. They strive to keep a wide variety in stock; their website shows their current inventory, along with quantities and sell prices in relation to spot pricing. They carry American Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, silver rounds, 90% junk silver, pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, graded silver dollars, and much more.

Alder Gold Exchange buys and sells gold, silver, and platinum bullion, silver dollars, and numismatic collectibles. Alder Gold Exchange carries American gold and silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, South African Krugerrands, and 1 oz silver rounds, all of which can be ordered through their website in several sizes. A more extensive array of bullion options, along with collectible coins, can be found in their showroom.

Every day we evaluate a lot of coins, coin collections, rare coins and different things made of gold. But we also evaluate just about anything that contains precious metals, like antiques, watches, pocket watches, chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, heirloom jewelry, estate jewelry and even broken jewelry. Our staff also has experience evaluating diamonds.

When it comes to gold, bigger is always better! There are two particularly well-known competing giant gold coins that are a point of pride for their respective mints. Contact Liberty Coin & Currency to learn more about buying and selling gold coins. Click to view full size!

Officially known as The City Of Roses, Portland has many beautiful rose gardens. With an unofficial slogan, Keep Portland Weird, the city has many independent food carts, many micro-distilleries and several microbreweries that all give the city its own unique character. It's also home to many independent coin dealers that offer unique rare coins as well as affordably priced bullion of both gold and silver.

If you are a coin collector or an avid investor in precious metals located in Portland, Oregon, then you may want to pay The Coin Cottage pawn shop a visit. They are dealers in collectible coins from all around the world, bullion, and paper currency. They ideally accept deals on all types of gold and silver such as jewelry, flatware, and scrap. The Coin Cottage is a store that boasts of a huge, ever-changing inventory of both bullion and coins. They also house graded silver dollars and American Eagle coins of all sizes.

If you are looking for a coin dealer that has been in business for years and happily serves gold and silver investors, then Columbia Coin Company should be on the top of your list. These dealers specialize in bullion coins with a huge selection of the US and foreign gold coins of all sizes. They also buy and sell silver bars of 1oz to 100 oz, 1 oz silver rounds, U.S 90% silver coins and more. It is one of the biggest pawn shops in the country and showcases everything that a collector or an investor may be interested in.

Liberty Coin & Currency has been in the coin exchange market in Portland for over two decades, and they would be happy to serve you. They deal with precious metals and U.S coins. They also buy and sell a huge variety of foreign coins, both common and rare. They ideally accept offers on gold and silver bullion coins, and as with most pawn shops, you won't lack the South African Krugerrands, American Gold Eagles, and pre-1933 United States gold coinage.

This is one of the well-known antique shops in Portland, Oregon that specialize in gold & silver coins and bullion. They ideally have a site that showcases their current inventory and the best deals in the market. They also sell and buy silver rounds, Australian Philharmonics, American gold and silver eagles, graded silver coins, 90 percent junk silver and much more.

DO YOU HAVE COLLECTIBLE COINS OR CURRENCY TO SELL?MJPM IS YOUR COIN & CURRENCY BUYER! Visit our store, we have plenty of FREE PARKING! Check out our Collectible Coin and Currency Pages where you can peruse our collectible rare U.S. Gold Coins, Silver Dollars, Key Date Coins, Carson City silver dollars, rare and certified PCGS and NGC coins, Foreign and Ancient coins, National Bank Notes, Paper Money, Large and Small Size Type notes, Gold Certificates, and Large Denomination Small size Federal Reserve Notes. MJPM - YOUR LICENSED GOLD AND JEWELRY BUYER WITH HONESTY AND INTEGRITY SINCE 1985. WE BUY Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry and Gold Jewelry. MJPM pays top dollar for all unwanted scrap gold. We are Diamond Buyers and Dealers at nationally competitive prices. WE ARE GOLD BUYERS of 10kt, 14k, 18kt, 22k, 24kt, dental, and nuggets. Check out our SCRAP GOLD PRICES AND VALUE CALCULATOR on our gold page!MJPM...your trusted bullion and coin dealer for Buying and Selling Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Coins, Rounds & Bars and Quality Numismatics since 1985!MJPM...fair prices and friendly professional people making a difference since 1985. About UsSince 1985, we have been taking care of our customers in the Pacific Northwest including Corvallis, Albany, Portland, Lebanon, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Redmond, McMinnville, Roseburg, Medford, Newport, Tillamook, Kaiser, Lincoln City and throughout North America with personal service, the best prices and products!

Portland Precious Metals and Coin is a dealer that serves Portland and the surrounding areas with a focus on bullion and collectible numismatic coins. They stock Eagles, Maples, Buffalos, Krugerrands, Philharmonics, type coins, rare coins and more. They buy gold and silver, but not in scrap, jewelry or flatware form.

My last article focused on classic commemorative silver coins struck from 1892 to 1954. As enumerated, there are many compelling reasons to collect this long ignored series. Nearly all of the same reasons also apply to its companion series, classic US gold commemorative coins struck from 1903 to 1926. Without the expensive 1915-S Panama-Pacific $50 gold coins, this very short series is easy to assemble and can be found in very high grade. Commemorative gold coins are normally very popular with the large rare coin marketing companies. The series is now being ignored and prices are near multi-decade lows.

US gold commemorative coins are a mirror of American history reflecting social and economic triumphs and struggles. The minting of commemorative coins date back as far as ancient Greece, which issued coins to commemorate military victories, sacred animals, cities and heroes.

Accomplished artists were commissioned to develop designs for many of the new issues. Several were students of Augustus St. Gaudens, having worked with him at his artist colony in Cornish, New Hampshire. Nine types of US commemorative gold coins have been issued over the last two centuries. The first souvenir US gold commemorative coin was minted in 1903 to commemorate the centennial celebration of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and was released at a national exposition. Because of the small number of coins, each will be examined in detail.

The first United States commemorative coins struck in gold were the gold dollars for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition held in St. Louis in 1904. There were two distinct coins, both designed by Charles Barber. The obverse of one of these features Thomas Jefferson, who was President of the United States when the Louisiana Purchase took place in 1803. Although 125,000 pieces were authorized, only 17,500 examples were released to the public. The remaining pieces were melted. Original issue price was $3 each. The Jefferson is usually seen well struck, although weakness at the borders is not unusual. Prooflike examples are seen with regularity, some with surfaces that may be easily confused with a true proof. Original boxes of issue are sometimes seen, and many were also mounted in stickpins for jewelry. Most of the survivors seen are choice uncirculated.

In early 1904, Congress optimistically authorized 250,000 gold dollars struck to commemorate the northwest discovery by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark from 1803-1806. Charles Barber designed these gold dollars which were struck at the Philadelphia Mint in 1904 and 1905. These were released during the Lewis and Clark Exposition (centennial) in Portland, Oregon. Although 25,000 1904 dated examples were struck; only 10,025 pieces were reported sold. Before the exposition opened a coin dealer in Portland, Oregon advertised the 1904 issue at $2.50 each. He falsely claimed that the supply was nearly exhausted. The 1904 Lewis and Clark is one of the rarer issues of the series, and is more difficult to obtain in gem condition than most of the other commemorative gold coins struck from 1903-1926. Prooflike coins are often seen, but are usually slightly hairlined. 041b061a72


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