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Download Courses with Python and Selenium: A Complete Tutorial

Are you familiar with They provide interactive courses for software developers. One of their famous course is Grokking the system design interview. Course authors are software engineer of large companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Databricks etc. So you know, this course is not authored by some average software engineers. In this course you will learn how Twitter, Uber, Dropbox etc systems are designed.

download educative io courses


Recently I have got a subscription of and started to explore their courses. Then, one thing came to my mind. What if my subscription ends? These are not videos that I can download and watch later. So, I have to download it somehow to read it later. That is when I started to write a simple script which would do the downloading for me.

Educative provides you with text-based courses and embedded coding environment. This helps you to learn in an effective way without wasting time. You can start your courses from whenever you want and get perfection after completion. You not only have theoretical knowledge but with the practical knowledge from, you can improve your skills. You can get 165+ courses to improve your coding knowledge and get victory in this competitive era.

Educative provides interactive and adaptive courses for software developers. Educative Inc was found in 2015 and its headquarter is situated at Bellevue, Washington. They regularly update their courses and learning environments to cope up with the change in learning the way to a developer. It provides separate accounts for instructors and students with separate environments. courses are interactive and are a great pillar for your future. For innovation, you need skill and educative focuses on building skills rather than theoretical knowledge. Courses on are updated weekly. It provides you will learning tracks to make your learning easy. There are courses that focus on a particular skill and help you to build it. These learning tracks cover everything that you need for being a frontend developer, java coding to data analyst. It provides you will rich full-fledged coding environments on your browser which helps you to correct your mistakes in real-time. These are the reason I think that worth it.

We can easily get educative courses and subscription for free with several methods and ways. Educative courses are available for free with the scholarship program of educative whereas subscription can be made for free with GitHub student pack. We will discuss these methods in detail now.

In this method, we will use the GitHub repository to get courses from educative. This GitHub repository contains every single course from the educative student account. Just follow the process given below.

You can get 6 months of educative subscription free with GitHub student developer pack. You can get GitHub for free with your school identity card and an Edu email. It takes from weeks to a month for getting accepted by Github. You can buy GitHub account from us at only $15 if you want by contacting to our email.

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Educative provides various scholarship programs and give its specific courses for free. You can grab such scholarship programs and get the courses from the official website for free. I will give you few scholarship programs list which you can grab and learn. Enjoy these free educative scholarship courses.

Each DevOps course in DevOps for Developers was curated by the team at Educative. Ranging from beginner, intermediate, to advanced levels, these DevOps courses are meant to be taken in order.

The benefit to the yearly subscription is that you can also take advantage of over 100 other courses. And the yearly subscription is only marginally more expensive than buying this DevOps for Developers course bundle.


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