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Benrus Sky Chief Buy VERIFIED

Having not spent time with the original (while certainly being aware of it), I was happy to spend some time with the reincarnated Benrus Sky Chief. While purists may prefer to hunt out the original, a more modern mindset may prefer the asking price of $295 (versus the $2,500 a vintage one in good condition might run), and be willing to take some of the trade-offs. You may not care for the quartz movement contained therein, but there is no disputing the accuracy you will get out of it and its chronograph complication. The new Benrus Sky Chief is what I would call a faithful homage to its forbearer, one that students of those old-school pilot watches will no doubt recognize.

benrus sky chief buy

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Benrus is owned by Benrus Holdings, LLC [11]A luxury wristwatch company, released two watches, N1 and Philo.[1] In 2014, Giovanni Feroce acquired the license and trademarks for Benrus with the intention of transforming Benrus into a lifestyle brand with wristwatches as the core element.[12] In 2017, Feroce lost control of the trademarks when he failed to make payments to the previous owners.[13]The new ownership group of the Benrus trademarks was granted a temporary restraining order by Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein barring any interference with the brand from Feroce's former company.According to court documents, Feroce and his entity are "temporarily restrained from utilizing, advertising, selling, marketing, disposing, transferring and encumbering any goods bearing the Mark (Benrus) and/or related Intellectual Property." Feroce and his entity are blocked from the usage of the URL.[13] A receiver was appointed by the court to liquidate the assets of the former business with numerous creditors seeking payment.[14] In 2018, the Buffalo Bills sued Benrus and Feroce for breach of contract, alleging nonpayment of $1M from a sponsorship agreement.[15] 041b061a72


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