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Foeba! YuYu Hakusho Download ((INSTALL)) Movie Free

How in God's name are we expected to "strengthen" an artist by stealing their work? How could anyone with ANY amount of audacity be able to categorize piracy and support in the same argument? Yoshihiro Togashi is brilliant, and I want him to succeed and make more stuff for his fans to enjoy. Am I getting him any closer to releasing new stuff by downloading all of Yū Yū Hakusho and watching it for free? Hell no. So how could I ever consider myself supportive of his work? To succeed, hell, to survive, Togashi needs funds. That's why he put YYH and his other brilliant works out there in the first place- to support himself. By having a folder on our computers strictly for Hunter X Hunter downloads, we are not helping Togashi in any form or fashion. By watching fansubs of Saiyuki, we are if anything doing DAMAGE to Minekura's career.

Foeba! YuYu Hakusho download movie free


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