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What's The LEAST Popular Mario Game

Updated July 30th, 2021 by Stephen LaGioia: Though he hasn't starred in many new games of late, Nintendo's premiere mascot has remained just about as popular as ever. This is partly spurred by the 35th anniversary of Mario last year, which the Big N helped celebrate by releasing a new collection of 3D Mario classics, Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Though a remaster (and added content) of Super Mario 3D World, along with memorable new entries in the Mario Golf and Paper Mario series, also contribute.

What's the LEAST popular Mario game

While the Switch's Super Mario Party thrives with its appealing rework, the series was arguably in need of a facelift during the Wii U era a few years prior. Enter this rendition from 2015; an effort that didn't achieve much other than bring back the unpopular Mini Stars and single-vehicle transportation in board games.

As is the case with many examples, Mario Party: Island Tour isn't necessarily a bad experience. But many regard it as feeling rather basic and doing little to stand out, especially compared to the far stronger entries in the series. The selection of minigames is tepid, and the board games are some of the least interesting in the MP franchise. Critics and fans have pointed to their heavy emphasis of random chance rather than skill or tactics.

With that said, when so many games have been released under the Mario brand, it's natural that you're not going to remember each and every one. It's even more likely that a few of these games missed the mark and were actually quite bad. Though the Super Mario Bros. series has gotten to hold on to its popularity and success over the years, not all of Mario's adventures have had the same success and are memories that are better off forgotten. Here are some of the worst Mario games that you might have forgotten even existed.

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 isn't a terrible game by any means, though it arguably might have been better received on a console rather than Nintendo's popular DS handheld. The problem with the game was the same problem that plagued many Nintendo DS games: it used the touch pad for controls. Through the years, the touch pad on the DS has been used in countless intuitive ways, but overall, the control scheme was cumbersome using the directional pad for movement and the touch pad for other actions like passing or shooting. It's great to see developers finding creative ways to use touch pad controls, but this game seems like a missed opportunity and would have served better on an actual console.

Containing Super Mario Bros. 1-3 plus The Lost Levels, Limited Edition is pretty much a straight up port of the SNES version of All-Stars, so much to the point that it included the original SNES controls in the instructions. Not to mention, each game could have been purchased individually on the Wii's Virtual Console for a total of ten bucks cheaper and was most likely done already by gamers as this came out much later toward the end of the Wii's lifespan. Collections are great, but it seems like a waste to not have updated this one with at least some new content. At the very least, they could have included Super Mario World!

Mario Party Advance took everything good about the series and threw it out the window. While the game tries to copy the basic premise of the console titles, it gets rid of the most important element: multiplayer. Sure, there were a handful of multiplayer modes, but the game focused heavily on a one player campaign and the mini-games were a snooze compared to the console titles. Even though Mario Party is a fun series in general, it just simply isn't fun to play by oneself, lacking the essence of a party whatsoever. The series has fallen from its popularity over the years, but there is no denying that Mario Party Advance is the worst out of all of the party games.

Super Mario Run served as Nintendo's first foray into mobile gaming (unless you count the ill-fated Miitomo). On its own terms, it's a solid effort with clever compromises to allow for the one-touch control scheme, and a great translation of the plumbers' 2D oeuvre into the smartphone space. Mario runs automatically, vaulting over enemies and small obstacles, and you pull off tricks by tapping at the right moment, jumping high or low depending on how long you hold your finger on the screen. The fact that it looks so much like an entry in the 'New' branch of 2D Marios perhaps set expectations higher than they might have been for the first Mario game to appear on non-Nintendo hardware (for a very long time, at least), but this is a classy example of transitioning a beloved character and series to a totally different platform while embracing the differences of that platform with a tailormade experience. Nintendo updated the original game with Remix mode, too, which provided addictive bite-size levels for quickfire play sessions.

Here we go again. An article written by a 10 year old moron. Just like Zelda, the newest game is by far not the best. At least Mario Odyssey is a great game. Just not #1. Both Galaxy games, Mario World, US Mario 2, and Mario 64 are far superior.

While I disagree with Odyssey being #1, the only part of this list that really upsets me is Super Mario Bros. 2 being below New Super Mario Bros. 2. NSMB2 is without question the least creative and least fun Mario game ever. I would slot that in at #20 without even hesitating.

The world doesn't change whatsoever, it becomes a hapless run at seeing what I probably now hate more than anything to see in a screen. I never....EVER...want to read the words "You got a moon" again. On one hand, i'm glad i got all of them so i'll never have to do it again. On the other hand, it felt like I wasted 30 hours of my life doing so.Quite literally the only mario game I will never play again. Happily. There just wasn't any soul left in a one time evolving world.Now other mario games i'll happily replay a thousand times over because everything was always being thrown into the mix and changing it up. the worlds felt like they changed with you. I wasn't a big fan of galaxy games but after playing odyssey through when it launched, they don't even seem even nearly as bad (they're not, just metaphorically speaking) as I once thought they was.

Darn, my favourite Mario game (Super Mario World), was so close to taking the top spot on this list. I absolutely love Super Mario World, I've put more hours into this game than any other, due to playing through it at least once every year.

I still can't stand the archaic manual cameras that Nintendo insists on using in its 3D Mario games. As many problems as modern Sonic games have had over the years, at least they know how to do a proper automatic 3D camera. As far as I'm concerned, "3D Land" and "3D World" are the only really good 3D Mario games due to be designed around fixed camera angles. (I also prefer stage goal oriented gameplay over collect-a-thon oriented gameplay in 3D platformers.)

Mario maker should be lower... And "new" Mario games are cringy and terrible.. glad to see sunshine not at the bottom.. as for super mario world being on top...the snes was my first console at 5 years old and played world to death in the following years...(once i can actually play past the first world).. you don't realize how above the rest something is at the time but looking back 2d platformers still can't top the ingenuity, secrets, and design of mario world

With the imminent release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie approaching, now is the time to reacquaint yourself with portable console's menagerie of Mario magic both old and new. Not least so play through with the source material Jack Black drew upon for what is sure to be an Oscar-worthy turn as Bowser. From platformers to kart racers to build-your-own-fun creation kits, Jumpman's résumé extends well beyond old-fashioned Goomba-stomping these days. Wondering where to dive right in? We've ranked Mario's best Nintendo Switch games, from those deserving of a Luigi death stare to the all-star classics.

Now that EA Sport's FIFA series owns the football sim genre to itself, it's easy to forget just how many weird, wonderful and frankly ridiculous rivals it enjoyed in the early noughties. If you ever find yourself pining for the days of RedCard, David Beckham Soccer and even FIFA Street, you'll no doubt get a kick out of the cartoon mayhem of Mario Strikers. Not least because this game's complexity is only matched by its thirst for bombastic (but family-friendly) violence. 33. At

It's astonishing to think how far Nintendo managed to get with the Mario. One would think they would run out of ideas for the Italian plumber. Instead, they've managed to take this concept and produce hit games for over three decades. At least, most of them were hits.

Despite Mario's consistent popularity, some games have slipped through the cracks into obscurity. Perhaps it's because they weren't released in the United States. Perhaps they were just too bad or too weird. Whatever the case, these ten obscure Mario games are worth checking out for the 35th Anniversary. Let's a go!

Many consider this game to be a cult classic and have waited for a follow-up game or at least the inclusion of Geno in Smash Bros. Those fans will have to keep waiting but at least Super Mario RPG was made available on the Wii and Wii U.

Super Mario[a] (also known as Super Mario Bros.[b] and Mario[c]) is a platform game series created by Nintendo starring their mascot, Mario. It is the central series of the greater Mario franchise. At least one Super Mario game has been released for every major Nintendo video game console. There are more than 20 games in the series.

The original Super Mario Bros. was awarded the top spot on Electronic Gaming Monthly's greatest 200 games of their time list[129] and IGN's top 100 games of all-time list twice (in 2005 and 2007).[130] Super Mario Bros. popularized side-scrolling video games and provided the basic concept and mechanics that persisted throughout the rest of the series. Super Mario Bros. sold 40.24 million copies, making it the best-selling video game of the whole series.[131]Various other video games of the series were ranked as the best within the series.[132][133][77] Games included are Super Mario Bros. 3,[134] Super Mario World[135] and Super Mario 64 to name a few.[136][137] Before Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Galaxy has been for 10 years the best-ranked game on GameRankings.[138][93] 041b061a72


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