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The Princess Diaries Mia Goes Fourth ##TOP##

  • Aesop Amnesia: Grandmere tries to bully Mia into reopening the country despite the pandemic and that she would be at risk. She forgets that Mia is an adult now, and in charge of a country even if she has no ruling power.

  • Bullying a Dragon: Rocky gets into a fight with a swan. Predictably, the swan wins.

  • Lady Drunk: Mia spends a good portion of lockdown drinking during the day. Michael gets worried when he sees the cooler by their bed.

  • Laser-Guided Karma: Count Ivan sues Mia to reopen the country and boost his business while saying she knows nothing as a "privileged princess". He's one of the fifteen cases at his bar who tests positive.

  • Only Sane Man: Mia, Michael and the Prime Minister are the only adults taking the pandemic seriously. Philippe spends his time cleaning the antique rugs, Grandmere wants to get married, and the rest of the country wants to open up.

  • Time for Plan B: When Mia and the Prime minister are forced to open the country, an outbreak occurs as Mia predicted and they've used up overtime for the Genovian Guard. Mia goes for plan B: ban purchase of alcohol in public places.

The Princess Diaries Mia Goes Fourth



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