Just be accountable

Every day I walk among people and ear drop alot of things. One of the most aggregating things I hear is that people love to run away from the part they have in their life, and at their job and in their home.

That's why it's so many smart mouth unwise youth, and so many divorce because adults are teaching their children with their actions how to manipulate others and keep up an unhealthy relationship with others.

Just be accountable for what you do.

You slept with someone then say that...

You didn't get the project done because you put that person that has help you every since yall meet, to the back and focus on others......say that

You know you are wrong for using that person, now you stalking their social media to see if they are going to talk about you....noooooooo

Just say you did it, and apologize.

Just be accountable

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