What the ex say

I always wonder what the ex say?

Do they really tell what they did or tell what I did?

Do they dream u a story of how bad of a person I was to them .

Do they say I cheated on them?

Do they tell how I built business forthem and gave it to them then handed it to them as I went to get to my own journey and their business fail.

Do they say I cuss too much?

Do they say I'm bujiee?

Do they say that I was a lot to deal with?

Do they say I think I know it all?

Do they tell how they got positions because of me, I connected them.

Or do they tell that I was too picky and wanted too much.

That I was clingy and annoying.

Or do they go into the fact that I was born with the gift of seeing and during the season they were in my life I was understanding and studying my gift and using my gift on them and that I would tell them what they did was doing or going to do before it ever came up. And that it scared the hell out of them....

What dose the ex say?

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