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You do what I want you to do and I'll do what I want to do

This blog is about a few different people that I've had to deal with. The first one to the public is this successful business owners and has set rules to their business and charge for everything and rightfully so.. however, when it came to doing business with me they did to me what they bash others publicly about. You know what I did, I just kept going and being consistent in achieving my goals.

The next person, is this business person that goes on radio runs and talk about getting it done, and your circle and leveling up....but has yet to deliver on a service that has been paid for. Im still being consistent and achieving my goals.

The last person for this post, for this business owner that crys out every one belittle them or every one hates on them. In reality, it's all in their heads. They feel belittle when there is an expert around. They feel they are hated because people don't give to them as they have given to others, well you did it with the wrong intention in the first place so you are reaping just what you sowed. I'm still being consistent and achieving my goals

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