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EJene' an Award winning, Bestselling, science fiction, fantasy author, therapy advocate and a loving mom; Eddwina Jene' Adams aka EJene' knows intimately how tragedy and trauma can shape one’s life.

She first started her journey as an author in 2020 after the death of her nine year old niece in 2018 and also became a motivational speaker in 2019 to help others who faced similar traumas. 

EJene' is a native of Linden, Alabama and a graduate from Demopolis High School. With an educational background that encompasses a range of fields from urban planning and psychology to sociology, she is a well-rounded professional whose words carry depth that resonates with readers. EJene' also has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Faulkner University and also specialized in Human Resources and Management. 

At present, EJene' has self-published four books namely, "What Death Do We Part",“What Death Do We Part II",“Living Life After Death”and "Living Life After Death II"; which both of her books in this 2 part series became a bestseller. All four books are available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and her website Some proceeds from her book go to The McKenzie Foundation an organization that advocates against bullying. 

As a highly energetic and fun loving individual, she is adored by her readers and audience. Besides authoring books, her bubbly and positive personality made her perfect as an interviewer at red carpet and charity events. As an avid advocate for victims of bullying, she has also been a keynote speaker at bullying & suicide prevention & grief education events across many states and virtually. .

Currently, she has turned her first book What Death Do We Part the revenge into a MOVIE: that is now streaming on her website right now, she has continued on making movies and filmed a third movie which is in post production and will be out August 2022. Eddwina is determined to heal her community from the ground up.


What Death Do We Part The Revenge The Movie Soundtrack


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Til death do us part. Most of us that have said it don't know how real those words are until we are living it. Until we are living the sex and money that destroys a marriage. Until we are living the backstabbing and revenge that destroys a marriage. Until we are living the struggles that destroy the people in a marriage. It's not until we are living with the dead and dying parts of a marriage that we understand the deaths that do us part. This is a story of just that. The decisions, the hurt...the deaths that do us part.


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As kids we dreamed out our lives to fit the life others told us we should have; or the life we thought we saw in families close us. Only to grow up to find out that their lives were full of drama, lies and deceit. By then we may have already worked ourselves into our own version of the same thing. Fortunately, there is life after marriage. This time, you see things differently, you mature and expand your mind. So, you explore the newness of relationships that you never thought you would and gather new information the folks' sons are crazy.However, never giving up on your goals and dreams. Live your life that will make you and the family you build happy, because looking at other would have you looking crazy.Enjoy this journey of life after marriage and the adventure it takes you as you will see new drama in the part two series of What Death Do We Part II.


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Grief can be a strange thing. A familiar thing that we can all relate to but it can be such a strange experience. One unique to each of us. We have all grieved a loved one or someone we loved. After the death, we all go through the stages or phases of grief. Even when we don't understand what it is we are experiencing. So, when I say this is a story about grief, that is something we all can relate to. However, this turn of events in this story is based around the untreated mental health crisis of grief. It took me to places I could have never imagined going nor could I have ever known existed. Get ready for your mind to be twisted as we live life after death.


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Have you ever felt like you were living in a life that wasn't yours.Have you experienced things that you've already seen before but you can't explain where you remember seeing it.Have you ever looked over and saw something then you looked again and it wasn't there. Yes, everyone is unique... but have you felt like no one would understand if you told them the whole truth about yourself?How everything is fine one day; then the next, you wake up in a pile of debris from a crash hearing sirens, crying, and screaming. Looking around to find a familiar face only to see all gray burnt faces. Trying to understand how you got there and where there is. What world you're in...this world or another one.Living Life After Death part II is a supernatural tale of how losing a loved one can alter the mind and completely take control. Hold on to the spirits as the tale continues to unfold.


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